Average Construction Cost for Two-Story Houses in the Philippines

A friend told us that there are a lot of Filipinos who want to know the average price of house construction in the Philippines. For simplicity, most engineers would only say per square meter price of the house, roughly 20,000-25,000 Pesos. True, those prices are close to reality but is too vague for a layman’s point of view.

Check the latest and another house plan with breakdown for average construction cost for two story residential unit here!

For sure clients want actual numbers. Like how much would the construction of ceiling be, the tiling works, the foundation and others. This is a detailed bill of quantity for an average Filipino to know how much would it need to construct their two-story houses. This is inspired from one of our actual projects. the construction materials cost is as of 2019 prices.

The floor plan below corresponds to the detailed bill of quantity after it.

Average 2 Story House Sample - Ground Floor
Work Breakdown StructureAmount (PhP)Rel. Wtd (%)
I. Structural Works
Ground Floor₱237,570.346.74%
Second Floor₱200,043.145.68%
>>> sub total₱536,626.2515.23%
Metal Works
 Roof Framing – Truss Works₱322,321.219.14%
 Metal Fabrication (Steel gratings/capping, drain area)₱39,692.581.13%
 Metal Railings (To Balcony and stairs)₱59,910.311.70%
>>> sub total₱421,924.1011.97%
II. Architectural Works
 Exterior Wall – (and Firewall)  
 Ground Floor (Including stiffiner columns and lintel beams)₱80,201.242.28%
 Second Floor (Including stiffiner columns and lintel beams)₱101,196.322.87%
 Interior Wall  
 Ground Floor₱66,420.581.88%
 Second Floor₱101,681.422.88%
>>> sub total₱349,499.569.92%
 Cement Plastering
 to exterior wall   
 Ground Floor₱25,459.220.72%
 Second Floor₱25,737.790.73%
 To Interior Wall   
 Ground Floor₱36,023.111.02%
 Second Floor₱46,258.041.31%
>>> sub total₱133,478.163.79%
 Painting Works
 Ceiling Boards  
 Elastomeric Paint  
 to exterior wall₱68,252.151.94%
 to interior wall₱78,076.132.22%
>>> sub total₱195,473.015.55%
 Ceiling Works  
 Exterior Ceiling Boards₱57,969.241.64%
 Interior Ceiling Boards₱85,837.262.44%
>>> sub total₱143,806.504.08%
 Thermal and Moisture Protection
 Dampoofing and Waterproofing Works (Toilet and terrace)₱28,877.900.82%
 Roof Insulation – including roofing shingles, gutter, ridge, etc.₱289,290.758.21%
>>> sub total₱318,168.659.03%
 Tiling Works₱205,159.065.82%
 Cabinetry, Caseworks and Countertops₱55,435.751.57%
 Doors and Windows₱150,977.594.28%
 Wood, Plastics and Composites₱89,817.452.55%
 Glazing Works (Shower enclosure, glass balustrade on terrace)₱81,174.852.30%
 Specialties  (Toilet and bath accessories)₱6,537.040.19%
III. Plumbing Works
Domestic Waterline₱54,219.001.54%
Sanitary and Drainage₱85,517.002.43%
Facility Septic Tank₱55,180.001.57%
Storm Line₱30,024.000.85%
Plumbing Fixtures₱39,979.001.13%
>>> sub total₱264,919.007.52%
IV. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Testing, Adjusting and Balancing for HVAC₱16,098.790.46%
HVAC Pipings – Refrigerant Pipes, Condensate Drain and Insulations₱18,982.880.54%
HVAC Ducts and Casings (Kitchen exhaust, ducts and vents on comfort rooms),₱38,393.461.09%
HVAC Fans and Blowers₱11,793.600.33%
>>> sub total₱85,268.732.42%
V. Electrical Works
Grounding and Bonding with support & consumables₱10,797.300.31%
Low Voltage Electrical Power Conductors & Cables₱121,545.723.45%
Raceway & Boxes₱38,890.251.10%
Commissioning of Electrical Systems₱8,750.000.25%
Switchboards and Panelboards₱27,083.100.77%
Electricity Metering₱11,249.280.32%
Wiring Devices₱44,709.511.27%
Interior Lighting₱56,118.751.59%
>>> sub total₱319,143.919.05%
Grounding and Bonding with support & consumables₱13,162.500.37%
Voice and Data Communications₱19,828.330.56%
Audio-Video Communications, CATV System₱22,006.750.62%
>>> sub total₱54,997.581.56%
Electronic Safety and Security – Fire Detection/Alarm₱5,096.000.14%
External Works₱11,963.690.34%
>>> GRAND TOTAL₱3,524,616.86100.00%

This is a mid-range cost house. Average timeline for this house from the excavation to finishing is around 8 months to 12 months.  The prices above comes with the labor, materials and equipment cost.

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This is only a guide and you will need a professional technical person to asses the cost based on your location. Anyhow, let us know how this post helped you by commenting, liking and sharing! 

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    • Hello Madame Majorie,

      Need po ng plano maam, para malaman yung 1. Cost ng materials at labor, at 2. Construction timeline. Mas maigi po maam mag-inquire kayo sa any professional near you

  2. I like your floor plan can you give me a price on that floorplan thank you sincerely Howard Soares


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