Single Story House (w/ two-story foundation provision) Materials Breakdown with Prices

This post is created for a relative. She badly wants to start constructing her house as her fund is depleting real quick. So, this is a one story house with a footing foundation provision for a two-story house. The materials breakdown, plan and approximate prices comes with it.

philconprices single story
Typical Single Story Perspective |

Since the fund is limited, she decided to put up one-story for the meantime. Soon enough, if fund becomes available, she will be renovating this to have its second floor.

philconprices 1story details 1
Typical Single Story Details 1 |

If you inspect it, the footing depth is set deep enough to cater the loads of a two-story house. Tie beams were included as this house will be located on a sandy-soil. It helps in keeping the structure on its level and shape in case one footing gets displaced.

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philconprices 1story details 2
Typical Single Story Details 2 |

Again, since the fund is limited, there will be no partition for the meantime. Their original house is just beside this new construction so they do not have to worry about where they will be sleeping. Wooden truss is used instead of steel since a future floor extension is considered. Looking for affordable powertools or chainsaw? Click here.

The prices differs per location. Some construction materials prices may be expensive in one area and cheap on the other. The construction materials breakdown where divided such that non-technical people will be able to estimate the amount corresponding to the work. In example, if you do not have money yet for the plastering works, then just deduct the plastering work amount. This is a single story house with a two-story foundation sample calculation of materials cost that Filipino may incur if they decided to build one.

The breakdown for the materials and the prices is as follows.

Single Story House Materials Summary with Prices
Description Unit  Quantity  Price Amount
Concreting Works
 Gravel (including gravel bed) cu.m.       10.06   1,500.00         15,083.81
 Sand cu.m.          4.01   1,500.00           6,011.06
 Cement (40kg) bag       73.00      260.00         18,980.00
Reinforcing Bars
pcs 10mm diameter rebars @ 6m pcs       91.00      148.00         13,468.00
pcs 12mm diameter rebars @ 6m pcs       28.00      213.00           5,964.00
pcs 16mm diameter rebars @ 6m pcs       45.00      379.00         17,055.00
kilos #16 tie wire kls          2.29        55.00               125.76
1.2m x 2.4m plywood (3 uses) pcs          4.00      710.00           2,840.00
2×2 lumber wood @ 8′ pcs       34.00      360.00         12,240.00
common wire nails kls          2.32        80.00               185.44
Concrete Wall
concrete hollow blocks – 4″ pcs     818.00        15.00         12,270.00
Cement bag       35.00      260.00           9,100.00
Sand cu.m.          2.61   1,500.00           3,921.60
Gable End
Hardiflex / Fiber Cement Board / Plywood pcs          2.00      890.00           1,780.00
pcs – 2×2 Wood lumber @ 8′ pcs       12.00      360.00           4,320.00
kilos common nails kls          1.00        80.00                 80.00
0.8m x 2.1m Solid Door
(with jamb and hardwares)
unit          1.00   9,000.00           9,000.00
0.7m x 2.1m Hollow Door
(with jamb and hardwares)
unit          1.00   7,000.00           7,000.00
1.7 m x 1.0m Sliding Window
(with jamb and hardwares)
unit          3.00   4,000.00         12,000.00
0.5 m x 0.5m Awning Window
(with jamb and hardwares)
unit          1.00   2,500.00           2,500.00
Plastering Works
Cement bag       41.00      260.00         10,660.00
Sand cu.m.          3.28   1,500.00           4,915.77
Truss Works
2×6 wood lumber pcs       19.00   1,200.00         22,800.00
2×3 wood lumber – purlins pcs       37.00      600.00         22,200.00
Common Nails kls          6.00        80.00               480.00
Roofing Works
Roof Sheet sq.m.       62.00      415.00         25,730.00
Tekscrew / J-bolt with washer pcs     620.00          1.00               620.00
Roof Ridge l.m.          8.85      200.00           1,770.00
Blind Rivets pcs     169.00          0.50                 84.50
Gutter l.m.       31.70      190.00           6,023.00
Blind Rivets pcs     677.00          0.50               338.50
12″x1″ GI Strap pcs       64.00        15.00               960.00
Ceiling Works
Hardiflex / Fiber Cement Board / Plywood pcs       19.00      890.00         16,910.00
 pcs 2×2 good lumber -8′ pcs       54.00      360.00         19,440.00
 kilos assorted nails pcs          8.00        80.00               640.00
Painting Works
Concrete Wall
Concrete Neutralizer Gal          2.45      550.00           1,347.72
Concrete Sealer / Primer Gal          4.90      670.00           3,283.54
Patching Compound Gal          6.13      550.00           3,369.30
Semi-Gloss Latex (Two Coats) Gal          9.80      655.00           6,420.05
Wood (Ceiling and Gable End)
Gallons Glazzing Putty kg          2.99      550.00           1,647.04
Gallons Flat Wall Enamel Gal          2.40      585.00           1,401.48
Gallons Enamel Quick Dry Gal          2.40      585.00           1,401.48
Liter Paint Thinner L          0.60      230.00               137.75
Tiling Works
pcs 50cm x 50cm floor tiles pcs     110.00        50.00           5,500.00
Sink pcs 20cm x 20cm floor tiles pcs       29.00        20.00               580.00
pcs 20cm x 20cm CR floor tiles pcs       30.00        20.00               600.00
pcs 20cm x 20cm CR wall tiles pcs     133.00        20.00           2,660.00
Cement bag       12.00      260.00           3,120.00
Sand cu.m.          1.00   1,500.00           1,500.00
Tile Grout bag          5.00      200.00           1,000.00
Tile Adhesive (25kls) bag          2.00      200.00               400.00
Electrical         14,000.00
Plumbing         15,000.00
 GRAND TOTAL >>>       350,864.82

The front aesthetic in the perspective photo is beautified (stone material is used in the software rendering). A combination of preferred painting colors may be used to achieve the perspective design.  Septic tank is not included since they will just be tapping to their existing sewer tank. Same thing goes with the electrical and water connections. Also, the sample amount above is just the materials price, labor and equipment cost is not included.

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This construction material breakdown were calculated with enough wastage factor. This should be a handy guide for those who are just planning to construct their single story homes without hiring a professional yet. Still, it is advised to hire one before commencing so all your technical queries will be attended.

Let me know how this helped you. Send us some love by sharing!

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  1. Hi, how much do you think is the estimated cost of materials to add a second story with two bedroom partitions?
    Lot area is 22sqm. It is a socialized housing so we were told light materials are preferred. i.e. c-purlins and hardiflex

    • More or less 350k po (very rough estimate). Please consult a professional. Especially if hindi known yung foundation, mostly likely madadagdagan pa yan.

    • Hi Sir Vic, Labor cost is around 40-70% of the materials cost depending on your agreements with the contractor. Thanks!

  2. Loved it please keep stuff like this coming, my wife has a little plot of land handed down to her and she wants to put a small home there in sanfernando la union! So this is much appreciated thank you!


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