Average Philippine construction material prices for the year 2019.

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Average House Construction Cost Philippines

Average Cost of Septic Tank Construction Philippines

Basketball Court Construction Price Guide

Cabinets and Countertop Price Guide

Ceiling Works Prices

Concreting Works Prices

Deformed Reinforcing Bars Prices per Length

Electrical Conduit Prices per Commercial Length

Electrical Works Prices

Elevator Construction

Embankment Prices

Fire Protection Materials Price Guide

Glazing and Curtain Wall Prices

Guide to Cement and Aggregates Factors per Concrete Class Mixture

Hardscape Works

Heavy Equipment and Tools Rates

Labor Rates Guide

Manpower and Equipment Productivity Ratio

Masonry Works Prices

Metal Roofing Prices Philippines

Occupational Supplies Price

Office Supply Price Guide

Painting Works Prices

RCP and RMC Prices

Ropes Material Prices

Slope Stabilization Mesh System Prices

Timber and Metal Formworks and Scaffolds Materials Price List

Truss Works Prices

Construction Heavy Equipment and Engineering Survey Equipment Price List – 4Q of 2018

Sanitary and Plumbing Works Prices

Swimming Pool Accessories Price Guide

Price List per Big Three





Price List per Region

National Capital Region

Region I

Region II

Region III

Region IV – A

Region V

Region VII

Region VIII

Region IX

Region X

Region XI

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  1. jake


  2. Vic

    Ang ganda ng site nyo! Laking tulong talaga! Keep up the good work guys and thanks a lot, you really saved my day!!! 🙂

  3. julieta magtalas

    I want to be a part time agent. Can i be part of you company.I wish to update to me the heavy equipment for construction used.

  4. joe

    thanks this is helpful lalo para sa mga katulad ko na hindi alam anhg prevailing prices. sana meron din kayo pricing para sa mga wide flanges, angle bar, channels. per cubic meter po ba sila or sqm? or per piece length po or kilogram ba?
    Thank you.

    • philconprices

      Hi Sir Joe, pagkakaalam ko commercial pricing ng wide flanges is per piece length, depende po yun sa specs niya. Angle bar is per piece length, so with channels, depende rin sa specs. Normally, ginagamit lang yung per kilogram para cost estimates for tender documents. Thank you rin po!

  5. Benny Arevalo

    I am looking for a steel truss fabricator to provide steel truss roofing for a ground floor residential building in Tarlac City..floor area is approx. 200 sq.m….work limit details / other materials needed will be discussed if any party is interested.

  6. Benny Arevalo

    I am looking for a steel truss fabricator who will fabricate steel roof trusses for a ground floor residential building in Tarlac City..floor area is approximately 200 sq,m,..work limit and other materials to be supplied will be discussed if any party is interested.

  7. Margarita

    Good content. Very informative. Maybe you could also include the prices for Bored Piles and Driven Piles? 🙂

  8. MCaling

    Very helpful yung mga information especially sa mga di gaano kabisado (katulad ko) ang pricing ng construction materials and services. I hope makapaglagay din kayo ng prices for BI and GI pipes of different sizes and schedules

    Thanks a lot. Looking forward sa mga susunod na updates.

    • philconprices

      Hi Sir Sigmund,
      Wala pa po kaming data for welded wire mesh. Maghahanap po kami. Thank you for subscribing!

    • philconprices

      Hi Sir John, upon checking po sa data namin. Nasa Php 48-52 yung per kilogram ng tubular steel. Please subscribe po to keep posted. Thank you!

  9. VERY HELPFUL INDEED. however, it is only of late that i learned the prices are vat-ex. as regards the aggregates, are the prices delivered or pick-up? keep up the good work and maybe one of these days i can throw you some data as regards equipment capacity/productivity as well as current going on rates.

    • philconprices

      Hi Ms. Regina, points are well noted. By the way, prices are for pick-up. Looking forward. All the best!

    • philconprices

      Hi Sir Daniel,

      Yung prices us based on several data. Please check our “About Us” page po. Regarding po sa supplier, wala pa po kami list but we are working on it. Thank you!

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