Bungalow Dos (76 SQ.M.) 2BR with Carpark Construction Prices

This is a small house, thus, for small family, a 4-person home for people who are just starting to settle down. Construction of houses in the Philippines may vary. A lot of factor plays for the total construction cost of a house. The most common determinant is the area, the aesthetic, meaning, the materials used, and the location.

This guide will help you determine the total cost to build your own home from start to finish.

Bungalow Dos – Perspective Plan

This is a 76 square meter house. There are two bedrooms with single car park.

The balcony and the house is elevated at 0.20 meters. Low-cost materials were used during the designing and estimation, but the structural credibility is not compromised.

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All floors were tiled. The balcony has enough area for visitors and family dinners. The idea is to provide enough space to “breathe”. Perfect for barbeque parties and socializing. There are two comfort rooms, one is common and the other is on master’s bedroom. Service area is located at the rear portion of the house with sink.

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Below is the estimated cost of Bungalow Dos construction from start to finish.

Activity / Construction TradeAmount (PhP)Percentage
Manual Excavation and Backfilling9,082.290.92%
Concreting Works (Rebars, Concrete, Formworks, Gravel Bed)304,761.7630.79%
Masonry Works107,610.9410.87%
Plastering Works40,913.274.13%
Ceiling Works74,719.537.55%
Concrete Painting45,091.654.56%
Ceiling Painting50,737.225.13%
Metal Painting (Truss / Roof)20,173.272.04%
Tiling Works63,928.986.46%
Roofing Works109,652.7111.08%
Doors, Windows, and Railings66,709.206.74%
Plumbing Works66,630.006.73%
Electrical Works22,479.602.27%
Bungalow Dos – Sample Bill of Quantity

Get the complete plan (pdf, short bond paper size) with Bill of Materials (excel) incorporated with labor calculations. Just input the labor rates in your area, prices of the materials and viola! You’ll get the total amount and the time needed to complete certain works. More details HERE. or know more on how to pay via Gcash here.

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Bungalow Dos Bundle Amount : Php 850.00

Pay via GCASH at 0920-591-0982 care of RGM, download via Google Drive.


  1. Bill of Materials (How many bags of cement, tiles, reinforcing bars will you need) with Labor timeline estimates (How many hours for a foreman, skilled and unskilled workers are needed to complete a certain work).

2. Floor plan, perspective and elevations.

3. Power and lighting layout.

4. Sanitary and waterline layout with Septic and Grease Trap Details.

5. Foundation Plan.

6. Column, Footing and Beam Details.

7. Roof Framing and Beam Plan.

Limitations: This excel file will only work for this set Plan. Labor calculations are pre-assumed based on average productivity rate of laborers in the Philippines.

Exclusions: Structural Calculations. Sign and seal of Professional Engineer / Architect. You cannot use this to apply for building permit unless re-drawn, signed and sealed by a professional.

Disclaimer: The plans are just guides. That is why it is cheap. Though the structural concepts, depths of foundations, beams and column sizes, reinforcing bars are considered with our intellect and experience as licensed civil engineers, it is ALWAYS advisable to hire a professional that you trust to design your homes, construct the plans at your own risk.

If you have any questions email us at philconprices@gmail.com .

Let us know how this post helped you by commenting. Stay safe!

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  1. I would like to buy the same type of model house shown in this page which costs more or less at P1 million. I also would like to request if possible the fencing of my 180 sq. m. lot located at Holly Day Park, San Pedro, Laguna, Metro Manila. I intend to pay the total cost in cash. Thank you.


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