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This is the initiative of Philcon Prices since most people especially for rural areas are doing backyard house construction. Meaning, they just hire laborers and spend money without consulting any technical persons, to something that may not last.

With climate change, crazy seismic activity and all natural calamities that we are now experiencing, PLEASE, hire an Engineer or Architect to design [and oversee during construction] your homes. This is an investment that can never go wrong.

But if you can’t, then consider the plans below. These are typical house constructions but is not structurally calculated. Structural calculations need unique codes depending on your location, credibility of the foundation soil, and other factors.

Disclaimer: The plans are just guides. Though the structural concepts, depths of foundations, beams and column sizes, reinforcing bars are considered with our intellect and experience as licensed civil engineers, it is ALWAYS advisable to hire a professional that you trust to design your homes, construct the plans at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) The price is too cheap for a plan and bill of materials:

Because, this is not signed and sealed. All you’ll get is a set of plan in PDF bond paper size, bill of materials with labor timeline estimates in excel file. The bill of materials cannot be used to other plans, so with the labor estimate that is on the bill of materials.

2.) I lost / accidentally changed the formulas on the excel file, can we ask for a copy?

We get tons of messages everyday, rechecking and giving out a copy to every client who accidentally changed their spreadsheet is not on our schedule yet. So, PLEASE, secure a mother copy because we will not give another copy.

3.) But, we’d like the inner walls to be plywood with wood framing, can you change it?

The plan and bill of material is a set. We can tailor-made for a few, but since we may not be able to do it for all clients, we better not do it for all to be fair. Please just purchase it if you want what you see and do not if that is something you are not considering.

4.) I do not have a PayPal account, is there other payment options?

Due to insistent public demand, we are now accepting payment via GCash.

But there’s a caveat, when you pay via our Shop Page with PayPal, you can download the files right away when the payment is verified care of woocommerce. With GCash, we will manually send you the download link invite via Google Drive. Please give us 24 hours from the time of verified payment to do so.

To summarize, here’s how it’ll work. You choose which product, you pay the amount and put the email add with product name on the GCash notes, we receive the payment and we will send you the download link via Google Drive in 24 hours. GCash details (0920-591-0982).

Got other questions? Email as at . Queries sent to the phone number above will not be entertained.
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