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We are millennial engineers. Some worked for the government, some are working from the private ones. Driven to help OFWs and ordinary Filipinos who may be constructing their dream houses in the country, this site has been put up.

  • How are these prices computed?

As project engineers, we have handled several projects from roads, treatment plants, buildings, to condominiums. We have several price data saved up for years and have some contacts to different suppliers. As experienced Quantity Surveyors, we are equipped with knowledge on how to anticipate prices. With this, we compared our saved data to the list of construction figures of a government agency and made educated adjustments to the prices.

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Aside from the supreme goal to help ordinary Filipinos be updated to the construction material prices, we are also trying to get out of the rat race and put-up our dream houses too! We are keen to any partnerships or advertisements, just email us through philconprices@gmail.com .

We also accept donations from the kind-hearted readers around the globe through Paypal paypal.me/philconprices   or via Gcash care of the Admin account.

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