NCR – Concrete Admixtures and Curing Materials Prices

Average admixtures and curing material prices for National Capital Region. These chemicals are added to freshly batched or hardened concrete to enhance its properties.  

Materials DescriptionUnitAve. Price. (PhP)
Concrete Accelerating AdmixtureL103.00
Concrete Accelerating AdmixtureBag276.00
Concrete Retarding AdmixtureL41.00
Concrete Retarding AdmixtureBag364.00
Concrete Water-Reducing AdmixtureL60.00
Concrete Water-Reducing AdmixtureBag285.00
Concrete Water-Reducing and Accelerating AdmixtureL109.00
Concrete Water-Reducing and Accelerating AdmixtureBag428.00
Concrete Water-Reducing High Range AdmixtureL65.00
Concrete Water-Reducing High Range AdmixtureBag247.00
Concrete Water-Reducing and Retarding AdmixtureL120.00
Concrete Water-Reducing and Retarding AdmixtureBag490.00
Concrete Water-Reducing, High Range and Retarding AdmixtureL89.00
Concrete Water-Reducing, High Range and Retarding AdmixtureBag445.00
Water-Proofing Cement (SAHARA or Equivalent)Bag45.00

The concrete additives and admixtures prices here are just average price in the market. Thus, prices may be lower or higher in actual. All amount in Philippine Peso. To see all the material prices we have posted click here.

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