NCR – Painting Materials Prices

This is the average cost of painting materials prices in National Capital Region. The materials below are the most common materials needed in your DIY painting projects.

Materials DescriptionUnitAve. Price (PhP)
Paint Tinting ColorL55.00
Paint AluminumGal570.00
Paint EnamelGal598.00
Paint Latex GlossGal573.00
Paint Latex Semi-GlossGal573.00
Paint Red LeadGal391.00
Thinner PaintGal283.00
Thinner LacquerGal231.00
Paint Metal EpoxyGal665.00
Paint Primer SolventGal527.00
Brush Paint – 2″pc37.00
Brush Paint – 3″pc51.00
Brush Paint – 4″pc68.00
Brush Roller #9 with Traypc146.00
Steel Brush – 4″pc86.00
Oil PaintL92.00
Lacquer PuttyKg162.00
Sand Paper #120Dozen130.00
Spar VarnishL127.00

All amount in Php. To see all the material prices we have posted click here.

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