Average Cost of Septic Tank Construction Philippines

We are getting a lot of  requests about other average construction prices and we are finding time to attend each concerns. This guide should help you (if you do not have any background with construction) as to how much should it cost you to have your own Residential Septic Tanks.

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The septic vault plan below comes with its own material price summary.

Sample Septic Tank Plan
Sample Septic Tank Plan
Septic Tank Materials Summary
Description Unit       QTY Amount (PhP)
Excavation cu.m.        6.00         3,000.00
CHB Wall – (18.9 SQ.M.)
100mm thk CHB pcs    245.70         3,931.20
Cement bags        9.92         2,579.85
Sand cu.m.        0.76         1,171.80
Reinforcing Steel kg      61.24         2,939.33
#16 Tie Wire kg        0.95             61.43
Concrete – (2.38 cu.m.)
Gravel including Bed cu.m.        3.00         5,099.49
Sand cu.m.        1.19         1,841.40
Cement bags      21.62         5,621.62
Reinforcing Bars kg    156.20         7,653.56
Plastering Works – (21.6 SQ.M.)
Cement bags        7.13         1,853.28
Sand cu.m.        0.58            903.96
Waterproofing Works – (21.6 SQ.M.)
Cemenitious Waterproofing gal        0.86            777.60
Formworks – (may be used twice)
Formworks & Scaffolds SQ.M.        6.6         2,000.00
Plumbing Works – Septic Vault Only
Pipes and Fittings lot        1.00         1,250.00
>>> GRAND Total       40,684.50

The prices above do not come with the labor cost. Labor cost for this construction should be around 15,000 – 20,000 Php. The timeline for constructing this is 2 weeks at maximum.

If in doubt, it would still be advisable to hire a professional engineer or architect to look over construction.

Check this friend’s guide to slab-on-grade construction , truly simple and helpful for non-technical people.

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