Metal Gate Construction Material Breakdown and Prices

This guide should be handy for people who already have existing concrete column posts. We just quantified the steel gate itself since people were asking how much the construction of their gates are.

This is the actual plan for a typical metal gate and the material breakdown with prices are listed below.

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Steel / Metal Gate Construction Perspective Plan |

Materials Breakdown:
1.) 2″ x 2″ Square Tube, 17 pcs (Php 649) – 6 meters per length : [Php 11,033.00]

2.) Pillow Block , 4 pcs (Php 240) : [Php 960.00]

3.) Cutting Disk , 5 pcs (Php 40) : [Php 200.00]

4.) Welding Rod , 4 kilos (Php 80) : [Php 320.00]

5.) Irod Rod – 1′ : [Php 100.00] – to find the cheapest one, check for junkshops near you they might have good scrap iron rods.

Total Material Cost : [Php 12,613.00].

The prices per location may vary. Find hardware shops that can deliver these materials right at your doorsteps.
Look for deals where welding machine and other equipment are to be taken care of by the contractor. Labor cost including equipment should be around 40% – 70% of the materials cost. Thus, say, around Php 7,500.00, bringing a total construction cost of around Php 20,200.00. Painting work is not included. The actual timeline to finish this metal gate is around 2-4 days.

For the painting, you can do it yourself. Just buy these additional materials.

1.) 2″ Paint Brush, 3 pcs (Php 60) : [Php 180.00]

2.) Fine-grit Sand Paper, optional : [Php 120.00]

3.) Rust Converter / Primer, 1L : [Php 230.00]

4.) Red Lead, optional 1L : [Php 150.00]

5.) Metal Paint, 1 Gal : [Php 450.00]

Hence, additional painting cost is around Php 1,130.00 if you do the painting work yourself.

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Since the gate dimension here differs to the ones that you have, again, this serves only as a guide. We hope to help those people who may not be affiliated with any engineers / architects. Still, when you can, we suggest you seek professional help so they can attend to your concerns right away.

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  1. Hi Sir, im trying to find or checking on how much would it cost to build a metal gate today? I have no idea what is cost and what kind of materials to use? maybe you can help me. thanks.


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