Average Construction Cost for Two-Story Residential Unit

Construction materials has been rising like any other commodities. Thus, it would also by correct to say that building a new home would be more expensive than it is compared to the previous years. Constructing a new house is one of the life-goals of every Filipino. A home that is comfortable to go to after a hard day after work and to settle to and build a family with. With this post, we hope you get a grasp with average estimated cost to build a new house.

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This guide comes with the floorplan including price breakdown. The house design is in the low-mid to mid range house cost. This two-floors house sample has three bedrooms and three toilet rooms with a half garage. The total area to be around 107 square meters considering only the half garage. Material cost, labor cost and equipment cost were all incorporated in the breakdown pricing.

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Two-Story House Floor Plan (Ground Floor and Second Floor)
Two-Story Sample Second Floor Plan Blow-Up

Land acquisition is not included in the costing. Only preliminaries is costed including the house’s documents to run through and get approved by the local government. Ask your local builders/contractors the breakdown of the preliminaries section for transparency. You know you’ve hired a good contractor when they explain to you everything to avoid confusions.

This house has a terrace on top of the garage provided a family member would like to “breathe” some air. The garage would only house a portion of the car as seen on the floor plan. One may opt to make it as a full one but it comes with additional expenses.

All three bedrooms is placed in the second floor. The ground floor is to undertake the living, kitchen and dining room. On the second floor, an extra space for mini library, lounge, or be it a mini playground is located. Enough window opening is placed for natural light to come inside the dwelling. Service area is located in the rear portion of the house near the second door on the right. Don’t know how to punchlist doors? Check our youtube shorts here.

It is designed that all floors from ground to upper floor to be tiled. All walls (external and internal) is to be constructed with a traditional concrete hollow blocks, all plastered and painted inside and out. Catch basin, area drain, septic tank, and rainwater tank are included in the price computation.

Roof is to be constructed with rib-type long span and the terrace roof to be assembled with polycarbonate roofing. All roofing structures is metal. The stair is to be steel-fabricated with solid wood planks. Railings in the terrace is designed with stainless steel and half masonry. By the way, this house is drafted with a parapet wall. Meaning, there are no roof eaves.

No demolition of existing structure is inserted in this sample house computation. Only simple clearing and grabbing is included. It is assumed that the land area has no existing structures to be demolished. Demolition cost varies per location (as any construction prices are). Thus, it would be best to directly approach local builders to check their fees.

Below is this new house construction cost breakdown of the plan posted above. As stated above, materials, labor and equipment cost were all included.

DescriptionCost Breakdown (PhP)Rel. WTD (%)
I. Preliminaries240,000.007.99%
II. Concreting Works
Formworks (3 usage)130,962.624.36%
Reinforcement Bars315,924.8510.52%
Structural Concrete195,181.486.50%
III. Masonry
Interior, Exterior, Lintel Beams, Stiffener Columns373,493.7612.44%
IV. Metals
Roof, Terrace, Terrace Railings, and Stair356,608.0011.87%
V. Wood
Wood Plank to Stairs29,400.000.98%
VI. Thermal and Moisture Protection
Roofing Shingles, Waterproofing and Dampproofing90,314.403.01%
VI. Openings
Doors, Windows, Hardware and Accessories166,870.005.56%
VI. Finishes
Cement Plastering151,904.035.06%
Ceiling Works66,324.162.21%
Tiling Works82,418.002.74%
Elastomeric Paint Finish99,231.063.30%
Interior Painting105,070.003.50%
Metal Painting69,300.002.31%
VII. Specialties
Toilet, Bath, and Laundry Specialties22,000.000.73%
VIII. Furnishings
Kitchen Cabinets and Countertop55,000.001.83%
IX. Plumbing
Plumbing Lines, Valve and accesories57,120.001.90%
Plumbing Fixtures, and Tanks139,150.004.63%
HVAC Piping Provisions32,719.871.09%
XI. Electrical
Electrical wirings and conduits, raceway and boxes and fixtures 116,470.003.88%
XII. Communications
Voice, Data, Audio-Video Provisions6,800.000.23%
XIII. Electronic Safety and Security
Smoke Detector with Sounder6,800.000.23%
XIV. Earthworks
Gravel Bedding, Clearing and Grubbing, Dewatering94,095.323.13%

Our purpose is to raise awareness as to how much would it cost (on average) to build a new two story house in the Philippines, from scratch. By “average”, it would mean that it construction total price may be higher or lower.

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Understand that this sample new house construction computation is not 100% accurate so please take this guide leniently (yes, gently!). Builders may bid this house with lower prices, other bids may be higher (with up to 1.5 to 2 factors or even way higher for high-cost and luxurious houses) .We wouldn’t want you guys to argue with your local professionals and contractors. They know the local construction market, so they know better. Trust them.

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