Stand-Alone Three Toilet Rooms Construction Cost

Your business may be running smoothly and the additional visitors means additional toilet room usage. Keep those repeating customers by building a well-built toilet rooms for them.

This guide shows the construction cost if you want to build stand-alone toilets. This sample has three toilets (Men’s, Women’s, and PWD respectively). Everything is considered in the costing from the excavation to the finishing works.

The septic vault is also included as you just can’t blindly tap new toilet rooms to your existing septic tanks. The volume of the septic tank here is believed to be ample enough for a small to medium scale business. Please consult a professional sanitary engineer when in doubt.

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Three Toilets Floorplan |
Three Toilet Elevations |

Work Description% TotalCost (PhP)
I. Earthworks
Excavation and Backfilling (Manual)2.08%6,153.73
II. Structural Works
Gravel Bed0.49%1,463.61
Reinforcing Bars2.91%8,594.17
III. Architectural Works
Masonry Works (including reinforcements)7.67%22,671.90
Plastering Works5.14%15,200.32
Ceiling Works5.68%16,791.08
Painting Works (Concrete and Steel for Roof)6.11%18,077.71
Tiling Works6.32%18,698.32
Roofing Works6.92%20,471.99
Doors and Windows10.87%32,142.83
IV. Plumbing Works
Sanitary Line2.91%8,594.00
Plumbing Fixtures8.46%25,018.50
V. Electrical Works
Lighting 1.24%3,665.20
Raceway and Boxes2.87%8,479.90
VI. Septic Vault
Septic Tank 11.84%35,023.74
Grand Total100.00%295,754.77

You may think that the cost may be too much, but it actually is. Provided it has six columns and complete wall footing for the entire concrete hollow blocks. Complete floor tile. Painted walls for interior and exterior including ceiling made up of fiber cement boards. The accessories included in the estimation were mirrors, water closet with bidet, tissue paper holder, grab bars for PWD. Solid wood doors and aluminum windows were also assumed in the pricing. This is how much it will take to build three toilet rooms (on average, may be higher or lower depending on locations.)

Here is the approximate materials, labor, and equipment cost breakdown.

Materials CostPhP 202,561.29
Labor CostPhP 79,947.23
Equipment CostPhP 13,291.26

It would take around 3-6 weeks to put this up. Of course, it depends on how skilled your hired contractor is. The labor, material, and equipment cost is also on average. Please use this guide with a pinch of salt. We wouldn’t want you guys to argue with your local builders because you assumed that this is 100% correct.

Building a functioning and comfortable comfort rooms is important for your business to thrive. When you are asking as to how much would it take to build a comfort room, this should is price cost you would need (again, on average).

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