List of Construction Materials Prices

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eHouse Plans with Estimates and Labor Calculation:

Bungalow Uno – 36 SQM, 2BR under 500k Construction Price
Bungalow Dos – 76 SQM, 2BR with Carpark for 995k Total Construction Price
Bungalow Tres – 3BR, 3CR with at under 1M
Bungalow Quatro – 3BR, 2CR with at 1.1M
Four – Bedroom Boarding House – 650k Total Construction Price

Average House Construction Cost Philippines

Average Construction Cost for Two-Story Houses in the Philippines

Average Construction Cost for a Single-Car Garage

Single Story House (w/ two-story foundation provision) Materials Breakdown with Prices

Average Cost of Septic Tank Construction Philippines

Basketball Court Construction Price Guide

Cabinets and Countertop Price Guide

Ceiling Works Prices

Concreting Works Prices

Deformed Reinforcing Bars Prices per Length

Electrical Conduit Prices per Commercial Length

Electrical Works Prices

Elevator Construction

Embankment Prices

Fire Protection Materials Price Guide

Glazing and Curtain Wall Prices

Guide to Cement and Aggregates Factors per Concrete Class Mixture

Hardscape Works

Heavy Equipment and Tools Rates

Labor Rates Guide

Manpower and Equipment Productivity Ratio

Masonry Works Prices

Metal Roofing Prices Philippines

Occupational Supplies Price

Office Supply Price Guide

Painting Works Prices

RCP and RMC Prices

Ropes Material Prices

Slope Stabilization Mesh System Prices

Timber and Metal Formworks and Scaffolds Materials Price List

Sanitary and Plumbing Works Prices

Swimming Pool Accessories Price Guide

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116 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Can I get a contact person for detailed price? For example, I want to know the unit price of meeting the code, piping pressure, etc.
    What I want to know are Black steel pipe(Seamless, Sch40), PPR(PN 20), PE, PVC(Series 1000), Valves, GI Sheet metal duct.

  2. Hi!

    Could you provide me a time series of asphalt cement price (grades 40-50 and 60-70)?

    If not, where do you think I could find this info? I needed for at least the past 5 years.


  3. Dear

    Could you please provide us your rock end prices for all the construction materials for our upcoming project.
    Like wise kindly include the transportation charges.
    Location: Apalit Pampanga

  4. Please classify your prices of sand and gravel if this is retail or coming from the source as the price is definitely different from both and BIR is using these price matrix as basis for their tax investigation which is UNFAIR and UNJUST because the price you posted does not indicate wether it’s from Small scale quarry or from industrial quarry, and wether it’s retail or from the source.

    • Hi Sephy. Common misconception is us selling physical products. We DO NOT sell any products at the moment po. So, no need to have this approved to the agency. This serves only as a guide to the public to help them know the prices of basic construction materials. Thank you and stay safe!


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