Region 10 – Painting Works Prices

Region X
Material Description Unit  Ave. Price (Php)
Paint Tinting Color ltr                  308.78
Paint Aluminum gal                  658.34
Paint Enamel gal                  703.00
Paint Latex Gloss gal                  678.73
Paint Latex Semi Gloss gal                  663.19
Paint Red Lead gal                  583.57
Thinner Paint gal                  292.27
Thinner Lacquer gal                  415.10
Paint Metal Epoxy gal               1,029.26
Paint Primer Solvent gal                  703.00
Brush Paint (101mm) pc                  100.01
Brush Roller (152mm) pc                    95.16
Brush Steel (101mm) pc                    46.61
Oil Paint ltr                  161.19
Spar Varnish ltr                  380.63
Lacquer Putty kg                  175.75

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