Price Guide to Elevator Construction

This is a bill of quantity price guide to complete installation, testing and commissioning of elevator for a 6-Story building.

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Description Qty Unit Amount (Php)
A. Mobilization (Temporary Office (including construction/relocation of temporaryfacilities)
Contractor’s Office 1 lot         51,750.00
Warehouse 1 lot         51,750.00
B. Cleaning and Disposal of Garbage/Debris 1 lot         17,250.00
C. Premium for Insurance and Bonds (including Renewal Cost up to Project Completion)
Surety Bond (Equivalent to 10% contract amount) 1 lot         21,968.65
Performance Bond (Equivalent to 10% contract amount) 1 lot         43,937.29
Guarantee Bond (Equivalent to 10% contract amount) 1 lot       109,814.06
D. Water and Electric Consumption 1 lot         23,000.00
E. Demobilization  (Clearing, removal of temporary facilities, Tools, Debris, Excess Materials, etc.) 1 lot         17,250.00
F. Other Requirements (Pls. specify)
Permits (Incl. Mayor’s City tax, & Other Misc. Permit charges) 1 lot         88,895.00
Cost of Local Procurement/ Material (Incl. Drawings/ Plotting, PME Sign & Seal materials door safety nettings, barricades, consumable materials, welding rods, wire, etc. 1 lot       492,200.00
Cable + Conduit (for WTB-Watch Tower Board or Supervisory Panel 1 lot         34,500.00
Total       952,315.00
Description Qty Unit Amount (Php)
Installation of Scaffolding 1 lot         17,503.00
Hoisting 1 lot         26,254.50
Template Setting 1 lot         43,757.50
Marking and Boring of Holes 1 lot         26,254.50
Bracket Setting 1 lot         35,006.00
Rail Setting 1 lot         43,757.50
Sill/Jamb Installation 1 lot         52,509.00
Floor Indicator/Call buttons 1 lot           8,751.50
Machine Room Equipment Setting 1 lot         43,757.50
Machine Room Piping 1 lot         17,503.00
Hoist-way Piping 1 lot         43,757.50
Landing Door Assembly 1 lot         35,006.00
Car Assembly 1 lot         61,260.50
Travelling Cable Lay-out 1 lot         21,878.75
CWT Assembly 1 lot         21,878.75
Lay-out of Ropes 1 lot         26,254.50
Wiring (Machine Room/Hoist-way) 1 lot         70,012.00
Initial Test 1 lot         52,509.00
Slow Speed test (Start up) 1 lot         26,254.50
Load Test 1 lot         13,127.25
Drop Test 1 lot         13,127.25
Buffer Test 1 lot           8,751.50
Plate Setting/Slow Switch Installation 1 lot         43,757.50
Rubber Block Setting 1 lot         17,503.00
High Speed Testing 1 lot         61,260.50
Standard/Special Feature Test 1 lot         26,254.50
Others 1 lot         17,503.00
Total       875,150.00

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