Concrete Fence Construction Materials per 3-Meters

We have been asked several times about how much is a concrete masonry fence per unit meter. We hope this post will help non-technical people estimate their concrete fences. We tried to be as specific as we can so you will find this easy.

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typical fence
Figure 1 – Typical Concrete Fence Plan

Figure 1 shows the typical fence we are going to estimate. The typical fence below is the basic concrete fence built in the Philippines. You can use this concrete fence plan to build your house fence.


Figure 2 – Typical Fence 3D Model


Figure 2 above shows the 3D model of the fence. Note that we have put the names per structural member so you would know the what we are referring to later on.

The typical concrete fence details in the Philippines are modeled below


Figure 3 – Footing Details 3D Model
  • Footing Details:

Concrete: 0.60m L x 0.60m W x 0.25m H

Reinforcing bars: 4pcs – 0.60m, 12mm Diameter Deformed bars for both horizontal and   longitudinal bars.

Total of 8pcs – 0.60m, 12mm Diameter Deformed Bars


Figure 4 – Column Details 3D Model
  • Column Details:

Concrete: 2.45m  H x 0.20m W x 0.20m L

Reinforcing bars:           

  1. Main Bars: 4pcs – 3.0m, 12mm Diameter Deformed bars
  2. Ties: 18 pcs – 0.80m, 10mm Diameter Deformed Bars


wall footing
Figure 5 – Wall footing 3D model


  • Wall Footing

Concrete: 0.20 H x 0.4m W x 2.8m L

Reinforcing Bars:

  1. Longitudinal bars:3pcs – 2.8m, 12mm Diameter Deformed Bars
  2. Horizontal bars: 10pcs – 0.4m, 10mm Diameter Deformed Bars
  3. Vertical Dowels: 3pcs – 2.7m, 10mm Diameter Deformed Bars


  • Masonry Wall
Figure 6 – Masonry Wall 3D Model


It’s hard to really explain how the numbers were computed. Anyhow, here is the summary of the materials for this masonry concrete fence plan. Note that only one set of column and footing were calculated in this example.

Materials for Concrete Fence per 3-meters
Structural Materials QTY Remarks
Footing, Column and Wall Footing Cement 4.0 bag – 40kg
Sand 0.2 cu.m.
Gravel 0.4 cu.m.
Gravel Bed 0.1 cu.m.
12mm Dia. 8.2 pcs – 6meter Length
10mm Dia. 4.4 pcs – 6meter Length
Tie Wire #16 0.9 kg
Masonry Wall Area (sq.m.) 6.3
150mm thk CHB 79.0 pcs
Cement 9.5 bag
Sand 0.3 cu.m.
10mm Reinforcing Steel 4.3 pcs – 6meter Length
Tie Wire #16 0.3 kg
Plastering Works (2 Faces) Area (sq.m.) 12.6
Cement 5.0 bag – 40kg
Sand 0.3 cu.m.
Formworks Area (sq.m.) 2.0
Plywood 0.8 pc – 4’x8′
coco lumber 22.0 linear meter
Common Nail 0.5 kg


Materials Summary (per 3-meters concrete fence)
Cement 18.5 bags of cement (40kg)
Sand 0.8 cubic meter
Gravel 0.5 cubic meter
150mm thk CHB 79.0 pieces
12mm Dia. Reinforcing Bars 8.2 pcs – 6m length
10mm Dia. Reinforcing Bars 8.7 pcs – 6m length
Tie Wire #16 1.2 kg
Plywood (may be used 3x) 0.8 pc – 4’x8′
coco lumber (may be used 3x) 22.0 linear meter
Common Nail 0.5 kg

Again, only one set of column and footing were calculated.

The following are number of pieces per material used in the 3-meter fence above. No wastage factor were included. Normally, you would want to add 5%-10% of the materials above for the wastage factor.

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Any concerns, let us know.

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  1. Hi PhilCon! Good Day! May we ask if you have updated prices for Ready-Mixed Concrete with strength of 2,500psi and 6,000psi? Would be glad to hear from you soon. Thank you very much in advance.

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  2. Thanks for this post, helpful.
    I had done something similar, but what I miss so far is an estimate of the working hours. Could you please make an estimate for the setup work and the actual masonry work?

  3. Thanks for this post, helpful.
    I had done something similar, but what I miss so far is an estimate of the working hours. Could you please make an estimate for the setup work and the actual masonry work?


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