Electrical Works Price Guide Philippines

Pipe and Fitting
20mmdia UPVC  pipe pcs          84.00
20mmdia RSC conduit pcs        212.00
20mmdia RSC coupling pcs          20.50
20mmdia UPVC coupling pcs             4.50
20mmdia  UPVC adoptor pcs             7.00
20mm dia. Locknut& bushing pcs             7.80
20mm dia. RSC Locknut& bushing pcs          14.00
Boxes and Gutter
Junction box depth type,metal gauge 16 w/ cover pcs          22.60
Utility box depth type, metal gauge 16 w/cover pcs          25.00
4×4 square box depth, metal gauge 16 w/cover pcs          48.00
Miscellaneous and Consumables
Electrical tape big pcs.          38.00
Rubber tape big pcs.          82.00
Solvent cement 100cc pcs.        230.00
G.I. Wire No. 12 kls.          63.00
Concrete nail no.3 kls.        115.00
CWN no.3 kls.          67.00
Entrance cap pcs.          34.00
Terminal Lugs lot        610.00
Red Led Paint Gal        469.00
Cable Tie pc             1.00
Secondary Rack pc        540.00
Black Paint Gal         616.00
8.0mm2 THHN m          41.00
5.5mm2 THHN m          36.00
3.5mm2 THHN m          24.00
2.0mm2 THHN m          22.00
Wiring Devices
1-gang Switch, 10A, 240V set        105.00
2-gang  switch, 10A, 240V set        134.00
2-gang  3  way  switch, 10A, 240V set        234.00
1-gang Convenince Outlet, 10A, 240V set        239.00
2-gang  Convenience Outlet, 3 prong 10A, 240V set        341.00
Lighting Fixtures
24  Watts light bulb set         280.00
1-18watts Compact flourescent lighting fixtures set         676.00
keyless type,porcelain receptacle
2-36 watts ,220v,Flourescent (box type) set      1,220.00
1 x 18, 230V, Compact Flourescent (Keyless Type Porcelain Receptacle Outlet) set         678.00
Power Load Center Switch Gear and Panel Board
Main :40AT/50AF,1PCB,240V,18KAIC, BOLT-ON set   12,500.00
2-15AT/50AF,1PCB,240V,10KAIC,,BOLT-ON PC        315.00
3-20AT/50AF,1PCB,240V,10KAIC,,BOLT-ON PC        315.00

All amount in Php. To see all the material prices we have posted click here.

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