Region VII – Painting Material Prices

These prices are average materials cost for painting works in Region VII. The price listed here are for pick-up prices only. Delivery costs and VAT are excluded.

Materials DescriptionUnitAmount
Paint Tinting ColorL162.00
Paint AluminumGal620.00
Paint EnamelGal630.00
Paint Latex GlossGal630.00
Paint Latex Semi-GlossGal615.00
Paint Red LeadGal585.00
Thinner PaintGal578.00
Thinner LacquerGal418.00
Paint Metal EpoxyGal810.00
Paint Primer SolventGal695.00
Brush Paint – 2″pc55.00
Brush Paint – 3″pc66.00
Brush Paint – 4″pc80.00
Brush Roller #9 with Traypc105.00
Steel Brush – 4″pc28.00
Oil PaintL105.00
Lacquer PuttyKg595.00
Sand Paper #120Dozen125.00
Spar VarnishL385.00

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