NCR – Electrical Works Prices

Average electrical material prices for National Capital Region. VAT and delivery cost excluded.

Materials DescriptionUnitAmount (PhP)
Electrical Rigid Steel Conduit (12.7mm D)L230.00
Electrical Rigid Steel Conduit (19mm D)L490.00
Electrical Rigid Steel Conduit (25.4mm D)L740.00
Bushing and Locknut (12.7mm)pc6.00
Bushing and Locknut (19mm)pc9.00
Bushing and Locknut (25.4mm)pc12.00
Elbow 90 Degrees (Rigid Steel) (25.4mm D)pc195.00
PVC Conduit Pipe (3m x 12.7mm D)pc72.00
PVC Conduit Pipe (3m x 19mm D)pc94.00
PVC Conduit Pipe (3m x 25.4mm D)pc125.00
PVC Conduit Elbow 90 Degrees (25.4mm D)pc20.00
PVC Adapter with Locknut (12.7mm D)pc9.00
PVC Adapter with Locknut (19mm D)pc15.00
PVC Adapter with Locknut (25.4mm D)pc17.00
RS Conduit Coupling (12.7mm D)pc16.00
RS Conduit Coupling (25.4mm D)pc23.00
PVC Conduit Coupling (12.7mm D)pc35.00
PVC Conduit Coupling (19mm D)pc6.00
PVC Conduit Coupling (25.4mm D)pc8.00
Octagonal Junction Box Type Gauge #16 (101mm x 101mm x 53mm) Deeppc32.00
Utility Box Gauge #16 (50mm x 101mm x 53mm) Deeppc33.00
Square Box (101mm x 53mm) Deep Type Gauge #16pc31.00
Square Box (101mm x 63mm) Deep Type Gauge #16pc38.00
Metal Pull Box (152mm x 152mm x 101mm) Gauge #16pc345.00
Metal Pull Box (304mm x 304mm x 101mm) Gauge #16pc760.00
Telephone Cabinet (304mm x 457mm x 127mm) Gauge #16pc1,700.00
Telephone Cabinet (304mm x 610mm x 152mm) Gauge #16pc1,900.00
Condulet Type ‘F’ (12.7mm)pc68.00
Condulet Type ‘F’ (19mm)pc98.00
Service Entrance Cap (12.7mm)pc31.00
Service Entrance Cap (19mm)pc93.00
Service Entrance Cap (25.4mm)pc191.00
Mica Tubingpc34.00
Electric Wire THWN/THHN 2.0mm2pc20.00
Electric Wire THWN/THHN 3.5mm2pc23.00
Electric Wire THWN/THHN 5.5mm2pc25.00
Telephone Jacketed Wire CAT 5Epc29.00
Single Gang Switchset92.00
Two-Gang Switchset128.00
Three-Gang Switchset175.00
Two-way Switchset148.00
Duplex Convenience Outletset130.00
Heavy Duty Outletset355.00
Polarized 3-Prongs (ACU Outlet)set460.00
Enclosed Air Circuit Breaker 100AF, 3P, 220V, 70AT NEMA Iset1,360.00
Enclosed Air Circuit Breaker 50AF, 3P, 220V, 40AT NEMA Iset1,250.00
Enclosed Air Circuit Breaker 50AF, 2P, 220V, 40AT NEMA Iset590.00
Electrical Tape 3/4″ x 20 YDSpc26.00
Panelboard and Cabinets (Enclosed 30Amp, 2 PST)set1,300.00
Panelboard and Cabinets (Enclosed 60Amp, 2 PST)set1,550.00
1 x 20 W Box Type FLFset310.00
1 x 40 W Box Type FLFset390.00
2 x 40 W Box Type FLFset724.00
1 x 20 W Industrial Type FLFset370.00
2 x 40 W Industrial Type FLFset840.00
1 x 40 W Troffer Type Aluminum Louver Recessset625.00
2 x 40 W Troffer Type Aluminum Louver Recessset1,180.00
1 x 40 W Troffer Type Aluminum Louver Surfaceset990.00
2 x 40 W Troffer Type Aluminum Louver Surfaceset1,240.00
6″ D Pinlight with 18W 220V CFLset350.00
Equipment for Fire Alarm Station (Manual)set1,280.00
Equipment for Fire Alarm Bell (Vibrating 6″ D)set1,350.00
Equipment for Fire Alarm, Annunciatorset3,900.00
Equipment for Fire Alarm, Control Panelset13,400.00
Equipment for Fire Alarm, Smoke Detectorset1,900.00
Floor Outlet Pop-upset3,650.00
Telephone Outlet RJ 45set165.00

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