Partition Walls Materials Breakdown per Square Meter

With the rising low-cost housing projects in the Philippines, a lot of people has been asking how many certain materials are needed to construct additional partition walls on their bare house. This material breakdown guide should help Filipinos without the need to ask a professional. Anyhow, we suggest you hire one so all your concerns will be attended right away.

This is the typical walls of Filipino houses. These factors has enough wastage (very conservative, in fact). All you have to do is to multiply each factor to your calculated TOTAL square meter area and you should get the total number of materials needed for you to construct your do-it-yourself partition walls.

Plywood / Drywall on Metal Frame

Materials DescriptionUnitQTY
4′ x 8′ – Plywood / Fiber Cement Boardpc0.73
3m Length – Metal Studspc1.20
Metal Screwpc4.00

Plywood Partition on Lumber Frame

Materials DescriptionUnitQTY
4′ x 8′ – Marine Plywoodpc0.73
8′ – 2″x2″ Lumberpc1.42
Common Nailspc26.00
Concrete Nails (for concrete anchoring – may vary)pc6.00

Concrete Hollow Block Wall (Plastered, both sides)

Masonry WallUnitQTY
4″ Concrete Hollow Blockpcs12.5
6m Length – 10mm Deformed Reinforcing Barspc0.40
No. 16 Tie Wirekg0.05
Cement Plaster Finish – 2 faces
Fine Sandcu.m.0.054

This is a construction material breakdown guide and you should be able to get a rough estimate (close to actual) materials breakdown. 4″ is used in the concrete hollow block as it is the typical indoor CHB wall size for partitions. Note that materials breakdown for 4″ and 6″ concrete hollow block is NOT the same.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed info.
    Kindly please check on the CHB part. It appears the unit and description had been interchanged which should be CHB (pcs.), sand (cum.) and cement (bags)
    Thank you.


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