Painting Works Prices Philippines

Painting Works
Description / Item Unit Ave. Price
Paint Tinting Color Ltr 182.00
Paint Aluminum gal 664.00
Paint Enamel gal 660.00
Paint Latex Gloss gal 640.20
Paint Latex Semi-Gloss gal 650.00
Paint Red Lead gal 581.00
Thinner Lacquer gal 511.00
Paint Metal Epoxy gal 676.00
Paint Primer Solvent gal 635.00
Brush Paint (101mm) pc 72.00
Brush Roller (152mm) pc 84.00
Brush Steel (101mm) pc 36.00
Oil Paint Ltr 158.09
Spar Varnish Ltr 145.00
Lacquer Putty Ltr 167.00
Concrete neutralizer gal 422.00
Putty Knife pc 26.00
Roller paint # 9 w/ tray pc 153.00
Paint thinner gal 286.00
Sand paper #120 Dozen 123.00

For reference, 20 sq.m normally consumes a gallon of paint. All amount in Php.

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  1. Meron po ba kayong materials prices for G.i. Sch40 (90mm), HPDE Male Threaded Adaptor, HPDE Coupler, HPDE Pipe (sdr 11), UPVC Pipe (series 1000)?


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