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Region 1 – Bituminous Material Prices

Region I – (4th Quarter of 2018)
Material Description Unit  Ave. Price (Php)
Asphalt Cement Penetration Grade 40-50 mton            52,250.00
Asphalt Cement Penetration Grade 60-70 mton            55,011.00
Asphalt Cement Penetration Grade 485-100 mton            56,840.00
Asphalt Cement Penetration Grade 120-150 mton            44,015.00
Asphalt Cut-back (RC70) mton            46,000.00
Asphalt Cut-back (RC250) mton            45,000.00
Asphalt Cut-back (RC800) mton            43,955.00
Asphalt Cut-back (RC3000) mton            43,100.00
Asphalt Cut-back (MC30) mton            46,100.00
Asphalt Cut-back (MC70) mton            45,100.00
Asphalt Cut-back (MC250) mton            44,120.00
Asphalt Cut-back (MC800) mton            43,100.00
Asphalt Cut-back (MC3000) mton            37,186.00
Asphalt Emulsified Anoinic mton            45,015.00
Asphalt Emulsified Cationic CRS-1 mton            56,075.00
Asphalt Emulsified Cationic CRS-2 mton            58,064.00
Asphalt Emulsified Cationic SS1 mton            55,229.00
Asphalt Plant Mix Cold mton               6,510.00
Asphalt Plant Mix Hot mton               6,400.00

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