List of Construction Prices for Sanitary and Plumbing Works Philippines

Plumbing and Sanitary Works
Sanitary Lines Unit  Price
100mm dia. PVC pc 758.88
75mm dia. PVC pc 487.70
50mm dia PVC (vp & wp) pc 333.00
PVC Clean Out w/ plug & sealing ring 100mm pc 99.40
PVC Clean Out w/ plug & sealing ring 150mm pc 118.23
PVC P-Trap w/ plug & sealing ring 50mm pc 67.45
PVC Tee (150mm) pc 107.00
PVC Tee (100mm) pc 92.00
PVC WYE (100mm) pc 97.00
PVC WYE REDUCER (100mmX50mm) pc 84.00
PVC WYE REDUCER (100mmX75mm) pc 94.00
PVC ELBOW 90° (100mm) pc 96.00
PVC ELBOW 90° (75mm) pc 87.00
PVC Elbow 90° (50mm) pc 64.00
PVC Elbow 45° (100mm) pc 96.00
PVC Elbow 45° (75mm) pc 84.00
PVC Elbow 45° (50mm) pc 68.00
PVC Coupling (100mm) pc 97.00
Vulca Seal pc 445.00
Cold Water Lines Unit  Price
20mmØ Polypropylene, Type 3, PN20 pc. 252.00
20mmØ Coupling pc. 97.00
20mmØ Tee pc. 97.00
20mmØ Elbow pc. 97.00
Teflon Tape roll 28.50
Stainless Steel Faucet pc 180.00

All amount in Php. To see all the material prices we have posted click here.

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