Polyethylene and Nylon Ropes Material Prices

Polyethylene and Nylon Rope Material Prices
Description Unit Price (PhP)
PE Rope – 5mm Diam. l.m. 3.57
PE Rope – 3mm Diam. l.m. 1.45
PE Rope – 2.5mm Diam. l.m. 1.00
PE Rope – 2.0mm Diam. l.m. 0.89
Nylon Rope – 10mmx 15m pc 185.86
Nylon Rope – 8mmx 15m pc 103.14
Nylon Rope – 6mmx 15m pc 77.29
Nylon Rope – 5mmx 15m pc 66.95
Nylon Rope – 3mmx 15m pc 35.93

VAT not included.

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