Fire Protection Materials Price Guide

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
BSP 25mm diameter lm          266.49
BSP 32mm diameter lm          353.43
BSP 40mm diameter lm          421.92
BSP 50mm diameter lm          531.54
BSP 65mm diameter lm          666.18
BSP 80mm diameter lm          861.48
BSP 100mm diameter lm       1,314.18
BSP 150mm diameter lm       2,153.88
BSP 200mm diameter lm       3,285.63
Valves and Accessories including necessary consumables
OS & Y Gate valve,150mm diameter pc     32,717.43
OS & Y Gate valve,200mm diameter pc     55,468.17
Gate Valve, 25mm diameter pc       2,287.26
Gate Valve, 65mm diameter pc     17,340.84
Check valve, 50mm diameter pc       9,402.57
Check valve,65mm diameter pc     12,536.82
Check valve,100mm diameter pc     23,245.29
Check valve,150mm diameter pc     42,050.43
Floor Control Valve, 100mm diameter pc     21,410.01
Flexible connector,65mm diameter pc     17,750.88
Fire Department Connection, 150x65x65mm diameter pc     24,957.45
Supervisory switch pc       4,530.87
Water flow switch pc       6,590.34
Pressure Reducing Valve, 150mm diameter pc   180,646.20
ITC Drain Valve, 25mm diameter pc       4,387.41
Roof Manifold,150x65x65mm diameter pc     38,742.12
Sight glass pc       1,233.36
Fire hose valve, 65mm diameter pc     10,157.13
Alarm check valve, 150mm diameter pc     81,396.09
Butterfly Valve, 150mm diameter pc     25,278.57
SSP 200mm diameter lm     23,636.70
SSP 250mm diameter lm     29,690.01
Gate Valve, 100mm diameter pc     21,176.55
Gate Valve, 80mm diameter pc     18,564.75
Check valve,200mm diameter pc     71,389.98
Wye Strainer 65mm diameter pc       6,355.44
Wye Strainer 200mm diameter pc     44,314.02
Flexible connector,200mm diameter pc     41,418.72
Float Valve, 100 mm diameter pc   120,301.29
Pressure relief valve, 65mm diameter pc   118,838.25
Pump Test Connection, 150x65x65mm diameter pc     24,957.45
Sprinklers to include fixing with necessary consumables
Upright sprinkler head pc          488.07
Pendent sprinkler head pc          521.10
Fire Pump unit   114,651.54
Jockey Pump unit     30,412.80
Fire Protection Specialties
Fire Hose Cabinets, Recessed Type set     20,900.00
Portable fire extinguisher, 10 lbs pc       3,570.57
Portable fire extinguisher, 15 lbs pc     24,797.16
Portable fire extinguisher, 125 lbs Dry Chemical pc     61,957.35
Portable fire extinguisher, 11 lbs pc     16,543.53
Portable fire extinguisher, 9.46L pc       8,812.44

VAT not included.

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