Mindanao Reinforced Concrete Works Prices

Mindanao – Reinforced Concrete Price List
Material Description Unit  Amount (PhP)
Gravel G1 cu.m.               897.82
Gravel G1-1/2 cu.m.               842.40
Gravel G2 cu.m.               874.57
Gravel G2-1/2 cu.m.               870.33
Gravel G3/4 cu.m.               915.53
Fine Aggregate cu.m.               856.03
Natural Gravel cu.m.               815.45
Reinforcing Steel Bars Plain Grade 40 kg                 45.95
Reinforcing Steel Bars Plain Grade 60 kg                 49.77
Reinforcing Steel Bars Deformed Grade 40 kg                 46.30
Reinforcing Steel Bars Deformed Grade 60 kg                 49.92
Gi Tie Wire #12 kg                 76.78
Gi Tie Wire #16 kg                 71.53
Rust Converter/ Remover gal               522.34
Hydraulic Cement bag               256.58
Portland Cement bag               273.21
Pozzolan Cement bag               245.66

These prices are calculated using cost-averaging formula. Some locations’ costs may be more expensive compared to the other. We simplified it this way for easy price updating.

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