Visayas – Basic Hardware Prices

Visayas – Basic Hardware Prices
Material Description Unit Amount (PhP)
Anchor Bolts w/ Nuts and Washer kg             39.46
Automatic Door Closer set        3,286.78
Door Locks set        1,604.09
Hinge – 50mm x 101mm pr             77.49
Machine Bolts w/ Nuts and Washer kg           109.06
Sand Paper roll        1,694.44
Steel Cable kg           130.76
Grating Frame – Steel kg             89.38
Tar Paint gal           478.74
Tension Rods (16mm D) ln.ft.             25.70
Tension Rods (19mm D) ln.ft.             33.29
Tension Rods (38mm D) ln.ft.             47.82
12.7mm Diameter – Turn Buckles pc           166.10
16mm Diameter – Turn Buckles pc           186.17
19mm Diameter – Turn Buckles pc           242.21
WI Strap kg             67.11

These prices are calculated using cost-averaging formula. Some locations’ costs may be more expensive compared to the other. We simplified it this way for easy price updating.

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