Guide to Cement and Aggregates Factors per Concrete Class Mixture

Handy guide on factors to multiply per cubic on different concrete class mixtures. Just multiply each factor to the total volume (in cubic meter) and you’ll get the needed amount of cement (40Kg/bag), sand (cu.m.) and gravel (cu.m.).

Class C (2,000 psi)
Cement 5.634 Bags
Sand 0.4794 cu.m.
Gravel 0.898 cu.m.
Class B (2,500 psi)
Cement 7.399 Bags
Sand 0.486 cu.m.
Gravel 0.8856 cu.m.
Class A (3,500 psi)
Cement 8.799 Bags
Sand 0.5724 cu.m.
Gravel 0.856 cu.m.
Class AA (4,000 psi)
Cement 11.729 Bags
Sand 0.475 cu.m.
Gravel 0.8344 cu.m.

The following factors were already added an average wastage add-ons of around 5% to 8%. This numbers should help average Filipinos to know draft amount of materials needed for minor concreting works.

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