Region 10 – Metal Structure Prices

Region X
Material Description Unit  Ave. Price (Php)
Milled Steel Plates Checked FY36 kg                    62.73
Milled Steel Plates FY36 kg                    61.44
Steel Sheet Stainless kg                  197.68
Bridge Rollers and Rockers pc               4,666.55
Pins and Pin Holes FY60 kg                    81.02
Sliding Bearing pc               4,709.93
Structural Steel Angular Bar (A36) kg                    70.24
Structural Steel Channel Bar (A36) kg                    69.62
Structural Steel Square Bar (A36) kg                    69.91
Structural Steel I-Beam (A36) kg                    71.57
Strutural Steel Wide Flange (A36) kg                    69.91
Rivets High Tension kg                  157.29
Washers high Tension kg                  159.10
Cork Expansion Joint Filler (.019m x 1.2m x 2.44m) pc                  609.98
Bolts High Tension kg                  170.72

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