Cabinets and Countertop Price Guide

Description UOM  Amount (PhP)
Kitchen 18mm thk Laminated MDF Overhead Cabinets with Concealed Hinges (3.1 sq.m.) unit          49,450.00
Kitchen Cabinet with 18mm thk Granite Counter Top – Laminated MDF (2.4 sq.m.) unit          95,450.00
Fixed Closet Cabinet w/ Open Type Cabinet Shelves – Laminated MDF (2.30m H x 0.6m W x 1.65m L) unit          36,604.00
Fixed Closet Cabinet  – Laminated MDF (2.3m H x 0.6m W x 1.3m L) unit          31,280.00
Lavatory w/ Granite Countertop (0.85m H x 0.60m W  x 0.7m L) unit          16,560.00
Laminated MDF Cabinet w/ granite Countertop (0.85m H x 0.60m W  x 0.6m L) unit          12,880.00

VAT not included.

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