Mindanao – Painting Works Prices

Painting Works – Mindanao
Material Description Unit  Amount (PhP)
4″ Paint Brush pc                 121.52
6″ Paint Brush pc                 100.60
Aluminum Paint gal                 660.14
Enamel Paint gal                 703.27
Latex Gloss Paint gal                 672.91
Latex Semi Gloss Paint gal                 671.64
Tinting Color Paint ltr                 256.94
Red Lead Paint gal                 585.50
Metal Epoxy Paint gal                 965.11
Primer Solvent gal                 749.47
Thinner Paint gal                 328.76
Thinner Lacquer gal                 423.60
Lacquer Putty kg                 410.73
Spar Varnish ltr                 392.66
Oil Paint ltr                 134.91

These prices are calculated using cost-averaging formula. Some locations’ costs may be more expensive compared to the other. We simplified it this way for easy price updating.

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