Steel Bolts, Self-drilling Screws, Lag Shield and Drywall Screw Price List

Average steel hex bolts, steel self-drilling screws, steel lag shields and drywall screw price list in the Philippines.

The price listed here are for pick-up prices only. Delivery costs, VAT and other extra charges are excluded.

Note that this price list is just a guide. Prices differ per region. What’s reflected here isn’t true for every locations in the Philippines.

Steel Hex Bolt Price List.

Steel Hex Bolt DescriptionUnitPrice (PhP)
1/4x 1/2pc9.00
1/4x 3/4pc9.00
1/4x 1pc9.00
1/4x 1-1/4pc13.50
1/4x 1-1/2pc16.00
1/4x 1-3/4pc18.10
1/4x 2pc18.10
1/4x 2-1/2pc22.60
1/4x 3pc27.20
5/16x 3/4pc16.10
5/16x 1pc20.90
5/16 1-1/4pc22.70
5/16x 1-1/2pc22.70
5/16x 1-3/4pc27.20
5/16x 2pc36.30
5/16x 2-1/2pc36.30
5/16x 3pc40.80
5/16x 3-1/2pc45.30
3/8x 1pc27.20
3/8x 1-1/4pc31.70
3/8x 1-1/2pc36.30
3/8x 1-3/4pc45.30
3/8x 2pc45.30
3/8x 2-1/2pc59.00
3/8x 3-1/2pc59.00
3/8x 3pc59.00

Steel Lag Shield and Fender Washer Price List.

Fender Washer and Lag Shield DescriptionUnitPrice (PhP)
5/16x 1-1/4 Fender Washerspc18.20
1/2x 4-1/2 Hex Head Lag Screwspc181.20
5/16 Short 1/2 Lag Shieldpc58.90
5/16 Long 1/2 Lag Shieldpc67.00
3/8 Short 5/8 Lag Shieldpc99.70
3/8 Long 5/8 Lag Shieldpc113.30
1/4 Short 1/2 Lag Shieldpc45.30
1/4 Long 1/2 Lag Shieldpc59.00
1/2 Short 1/4 Lag Shieldpc135.90
1/2 Long 3/4 Lag Shieldpc163.10

Self-Drilling Screw Price List.

Self-Drilling Screws DescriptionUnitPrice (PhP)
12-14x 1-1/2 Self-Drilling Screwpc36.30
12-14x 2 Self-Drilling Screwpc45.30
1/4-14x 1-1/2 Self-Drilling Screwpc45.30
1/4-14x 2 Self-Drilling Screwpc59.00
No.6 Nylon Junior Self-Drilling Anchorpc41.00
No.8 Nylon Junior Self-Drilling Anchorpc59.00

Drywall Screw Price List.

Drywall Screws DescriptionUnitPrice (PhP)
6 x 1 Drywall Screwspc4.60
6 x 1-1/4 Drywall Screwspc6.80
6 x 1-5/8 Drywall Screwspc6.80
6 x 2 Drywall Screwspc9.10
8 x 2-1/2 Drywall Screwspc7.25
8 x 3 Drywall Screwspc16.00

All amount in PhP. To see all the material prices we have posted click here.

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