Standard Overhead Kitchen Cabinet Construction Cost

How much will an overhead kitchen cabinet cost? We get that inquiry a lot. Glad we are able to find time to finally create a post about it. A sample kitchen cabinet plan below comes with the materials breakdown with price cost and possible labor cost for it to be constructed. We hope this guide helps you.


Before we proceed with the sample plan, remember that there are three main factors that affect the price of a fixed overhead cabinet are the following:

Material Used

Ordinary plywood will cost less compared with marine plywood. Normally, the more durable and aesthetically better the cabinet is, the more expensive it will be. It is good to use ¾” inch thickness of plywood, MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), marine plywood, or whatever material you want to use depending on your budget. Some uses aluminum cabinets as it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t attract termites as well.

You can also use fancy plywood or decorative plywood. This type of plywood is laminated with decorative hardwood designs on the outer faces. This plywood generally is more expensive, apparently two to five times the price of that ordinary plywood since you wouldn’t need to paint it. If your budget is a bit tight, better use marine plywood and paint it. But then, using marine plywood would require more time considering you would need to putty, sand and wait for paint’s drying time.

Dimensions and Length

This is no brainer. The bigger the cabinet is, the more material it requires for it to be finished. The more materials a cabinet needs, the pricier it will be. Your local cabinet contractor may have standard dimensions and length accompanied with its cost so just ask them for one.

If you are to create your own design, make sure that the dimension and lengths corresponds with what’s in the floor plan. Check your kitchen area plan. Anticipate in advance the height of the sink’s splashboard, the distance of the bottom of the overhead cabinet and the kitchen sink, including the height of the ceiling. What you need to know are the dimensions (L x W x H) of the overhead kitchen or pantry cabinet leaving enough spaces for you to move around below it but not clashing with the ceiling or any protruded sprinklers or lighting fixtures.

Complexity and Design

L-shaped cabinets will require more time to be constructed than I-shaped ones. Of course, the more difficult a cabinet design is, the costlier it will be to be completed. Better save your out-of-this-world designs and opt to minimalist and simpler ones to save some bucks.

Plan and control the things that will be placed inside it. Say, condiments, plates, your favorite ramen noodles, including appliances like microwave. If you’ll put any appliances in it, make sure that the electrical outlets are all laid out and installed before the cabinet installation. The electrical outlets should correspond to the location of the appliances. Ask your contractor if this is included in their package.

Painting works also plays a role in the kitchen cabinet construction. The more complicated the painting design is, the pricier it will be and the more time it will take to complete it since painting requires two or three coats which needs drying time. Some people we know with tight budget just go for the base cabinet and they are the ones who installs waterproof wallpaper, saving some money if properly done right. Otherwise, just hire a professional to do finishing works as you are sure with the quality of the work.

This overhead cabinet sample is constructed with the following material.

Overhead Cabinet Sample |

Material DescriptionPrice (PhP)No. of UnitsTotal Amount (PhP)
Marine Local Plywood – 3/4″ 1,350.0022,700
Marine Local Plywood – 1/2″ (for back portion, may be omitted)795.001795.00
Hydraulic Inset Concealed Hinges280.0082,240.00
Common Nails – 1/2 Kilo40.00140.00
Wooden Handle25.004100.00
Heavy Duty L-Brackets (Shelf Bracket)160.004640.00
Wood Glue – 500g67.00167.00
Body Filler w/ Hardener – Gallon573.001573.00
Paint Primer & Sealer White – Gal579.001579.00
Paint Brush & Roller109.001109.00
GRAND TOTAL>>>7,971.00

Total Materials Cost at PhP 7,971.00

These are the prices we’ve canvassed, but we found some items that are more affordable from THIS SHOP.

Please double check on the capacity of the L-brackets or shelf brackets though, we need the heavy duty one.

In the Philippines if the cabinet construction bulk, we call it locally as “pakyawan” cost at around P800.00-P1,500 per sheet (by sheet, we mean 4’ x 8’), including tools and equipment. If painted, add P200.00 – P600. The labor price may or may not be true per location, some highly urbanized area costs more than that. Other locations cost less. Since there are three sheets of plywood above, the total labor cost including their tools and equipment is PhP 800 x 3 = PhP2,400.00. Add PhP 200.00 x 3 = PhP 600.00 for the painting with a total Labor Cost of PhP 3,000.00 (minimum, may be higher).

Total Construction Cost of PhP 10,971.00 (Labor + Tools and Materials Cost only, delivery fee and other charges not included)

Torn between buying or constructing your own house? This will help you.

If you have the right tools and skills to do overhead kitchen or pantry cabinet DIY, then do it. If ever you are looking for professional tools, you may want to check this. On the other hand, if you do not have any skills and exposure building one, then please, check your local area if there are experienced and professional contractors that do modular cabinets or just cabinets. You can never go wrong hiring the right people because you are sure with the quality of the work. If you’re inexperienced, your DIY might be a disaster work, wasting your own materials, energy and time.

Remember, this is just a basic cabinet design and only a guide. If something in the above cabinet materials breakdown or costs conflicts with the idea of your prospect cabinet contractor, please believe in them. They know what they are doing.

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