Ten Natural Ways to Make Your House Cooler This Summer

Some people may not afford an air conditioning system so this one’s for you. Here are the tips and tricks to make your house cooler the natural way. This post is also for people searching for a solution to do something about the heat inside your rooms. We know you are now bracing for the summer, so beat the heat!

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1.) Plant Trees Outside

This may not solve the house heat problem right away, but this one’s a good investment. Five or 10 years, you’ll eventually feel your room or house colder even without air conditioning provided that the tree is strategically placed to block the sunlight. Just make sure you don’t plant the seedling too near in the exterior wall so it won’t poise problem with your house foundation.

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2.) Ventilate with Outside Air

Most of the time, outside air is colder compared to that of your indoor air. Indoor air is congested with body heat, kitchen heat and dust particle that floats in the air even without you knowing. Ventilating your house with outside air may solve your heat problems inside your home. Go open those window openings and doors. Make sure you have also invested some window and door screens to keep the mosquitos from entering your house.

3.) Paint Walls with Light Colors

Did you know black walls absorb more heat compared to that of lighter colors? Yes, Dark walls tend to play a role in making your inside air presumably hotter. You may want to head to the hardware store this weekend and buy for some lighter wall paint.

4.) Block Direct Sunlight

This is no brainer. Direct sunlight that comes inside your home contribute to it being warm. Use thick but light curtain for this. You may also want to tint that window of yours. By doing this, you can feel your indoor air colder right away. Check this store as they have one of the best curtains there is.

5.) Rehydrate

During summer season, it is easy to get dehydrated even without you knowing. Being dehydrated adds up to the boiling feeling of the summer. Make it a habit to slurp up some water from time to time. This will sure help you feel cooler even without air conditioning. Plus, it is good for your health.

6.) Install Ceiling Insulation

The most common roofing material is galvanized sheets. These GI sheets during noon time absorbs so much heat that the people living underneath these roofs describe the feeling to be inside an oven. You may resolve this issue by installing ceiling foam insulation. These are locally available in the market and is very easy to install. You just need some tie wire, some anchoring material, scaffolds to elevate yourselves and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to wear some safety harness for your protection.

7.) Use Lighter Clothes

Well, depending on how hot the weather is, this fixes your feeling warm right away. By using light clothes, you are giving your skin to breathe, thus, releasing heat and sensing the colder air near you. This blog post is for the people without air conditioner, pair your wearing of light shirt by manually fanning or facing the electric fan and you will feel instant comfort.

8.) Clean up and Dust Off Regularly

Dirt, dust and pollutants congests inside your home which adds up to the poor air quality, making it warmer. By regularly dusting off those forgotten top portion of your shelves and tall furniture, the air quality inside your home or room becomes better. This decongests inside air. Better air quality is directly proportionate to the “feeling” of colder indoor aspect of your home. Find some time to clean up no matter how busy your schedule gets.

9.) Declutter

Having so many things inside your room, or house, adds up to the heat index of your place. When you have too many things inside your home, there is only small room for the air to circulate. You may want to sell that extra chair which is still fine. If it is barely standing up (because you fixed it poorly), you may want to throw that away. Do some decluttering once a year, as advised, if you want to make your home cooler. You can also book this weekend to prepare for the summer.

10.) Install Proper Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are used to direct indoor wasted air outside your property. It may be comfort room exhaust, or kitchen exhaust. We have seen subdivisions wherein the owner added a comfort room near her room. Window opening is not feasible because it sits just right beside the property wall. Every time someone showers, that someone needs to open the door every now and then because it is just too hot inside since the air inside is stagnant. We advised her to install exhaust fan and it solved her problem right away. Go contact an electrician for this. You need an experienced and professional person for this work.

With this simple tips and doable tips, you can somehow make your homes comfortable for the summer. You can do something about that heat so do something. Enjoy the summer!

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