How to Soundproof a Room with Household Items

Noises from household items like washing machine, dryers, oven timer, or even just the noise of cooking may be annoying. Whether you have a class, an online meeting, or simply just resting, hearing some unwanted clicking, splashes, crashing sound is infuriating.

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If you have a rental property, say, room for rent, with common service area, you may want to soundproof rooms with household items so tenants won’t hear busy appliances in the service room.

Use Door Strips

Thick weatherstrips and door sweeps, there are a lot of cheap but quality door strips on the internet. Choose the one that is made from foam but is water-resistant. All you have to do is slide it down the door trim and you’re good to go. Other door strips have stickers. Make sure that the strips cover all perimeter of the door without gaps. You’d be able to hear the difference right after installing it.

Install household item on a pedestal

When you have enough budget, reach out to your local contractor and consider on putting washing machine, dryer, and other noisy appliances on its own concrete pedestal. These pedestal also should have rubbers in-between the appliance’s foot and floor. That way, the vibration coming from these appliances should be lessen.

Paint the door or wall with soundproofed paints

Soundproofing paints normally are used on areas that is meant to prevent the inside noise from getting onto the other rooms. Although may not that effected to an actual sound insulation, it somehow helps. Seemingly, thick normal paint also does the work.

Install Sound Screen Insulation

Sound screen insulation is a thick layer of polyester or glass wool that helps prevent the sound waves from penetrating through walls, thus, leaving your service area sound-proofed. These are typically installed inside the walls by a contractor who specializes on insulation. Legitimate sound screen may be difficult to do DIY as some are made up of glass that you could even see tiny shreds during installation.

Use Thick Curtains

If the noise coming from your appliances isn’t that bad, then just installing thick curtains may help prevent noise from coming out. Fabric absorbs sound by nature and the thicker the curtain, the better. Just make sure that the curtain color you choose compliments with the wall color else, it may be an eyesore.

Put up acoustic tiles

Just like curtains, acoustic tile like the ones you see on a regular recording company, excellently absorbs sound waves. These tiles are invented just for that – absorbing noise. There are lots of affordable acoustic tile online and installing is so easy. Other design even has its own sticker at the back so all you have to do is just peel of the sticker protection and glue it on the wall.

Build a Service Area away from the Main House

Perhaps, this is the most effective solution for your noise concerns. Keep the service area away from bed rooms or family room. Some wealthy people even have their own stand-alone service area that is not connected to any wall in the main residential house. This is not be the most cost-effective, thus, is not the solution for all.

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Noise, especially when you are resting, or in a critical online meeting is truly exasperating. Taking control of the noise inside your home is something that you CAN do. There may not be a noise-free appliances at the moment. Don’t slack around because you can do something about the noise. Book the weekend for your little soundproofing project to reap the “stress-free” reward.

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