How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Homes

If you reside in rural area, this would be easy. You just have to open your window and you’re good to go. Make sure you have the window screen to prevent mosquitos and insects from getting inside your homes. If you’re from the city, this would be trickier.

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The following ideas should help you get better air quality inside your homes.

  • Ventilate Your Home with Outside Air

This works fine if you are not residing just beside road. Home that is located just beside roads would be harvesting tons of dusts and pollutants in their lifetime. That is the reason why it is best to erect your houses at around 50m from the centerline of the road (may be less than 50m if not on national highway). Not just because of the future road expansion but because of air, safety and health hazards.

If you reside in the city, it is best to open your windows and allow outside air to enter your house at around 6:00am when the air is cool and there are no pollutants circulating mid-air due to cars exhaust pipes.

  • Make Sure the Exhaust Fan Works

Exhaust fans are devices normally used in closed spaces like restroom or kitchen to direct bad and foul air outside your unit. This is especially useful when your house area is compact like condominiums.

For restrooms and bath room that is located just beside a firewall where actual window opening is not feasible, exhaust fans are used by designers to ensure proper air circulation.

Kitchen area in the condominium if placed away from a window needs kitchen exhaust fans. This helps your unit and furniture free from smoke and kitchen smell when you are cooking. Imagine your visitors knowing that you had seafood for lunch cause it smell fishy!

  • Use Air Purifier

They may be air that is odorless that is still harmful when inhaled. Pollutants that slowly make us sick even without us knowing may be lurking literally just at the tip of your noses. If you are into pets and you are allergic to their hair, you may want to invest in air purifiers.

Several researches show that air purifier really works especially in removing damaging air waste that lingers in your indoor area. Of course, air purifiers need to paired with regular cleaning, else, it would be just a waste of money if your home is dusty and dirty always.

  • Add or remove indoor plants

Trees, plants and algae ingests carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen. We know this for sure. Place plants indoor and the indoor vibe suddenly changes for the better. There are indoor plants that help remove pollutants, but the water retention in their soil and pots may help encourage the mold growth which is harmful if inhaled.

Think of indoor plants like stationary pets. They need attention, cleaning and care. Otherwise, they die. Balancing the indoor plants helps in improving the air quality of your homes. Don’t forget to place them outside once in a while.

If you travel often and leaves home frequently, then better just put your plants outside so they may be watered by rain when you aren’t around.

  • Clean Regularly and Dust Off

Don’t forget to dust off and clean carpets, rugs, sofa, cabinets and furniture. It’s easy to forget small things like cleaning as life can be demanding.

If you are truly busy and don’t have time for cleaning, better have professional cleaners do the thing. It will help improve not just the quality of the air in your home but also your quality of life.

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The quest for better air quality has been a challenge. With the pandemic still at bay and the climate change on it full gear, humankind faces degrading air condition. No wonder most city persons are migrating to rural area, all searching not just slower pace in life, but above all, better air quality.

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