NCR – Panel Board and Others Prices

NCR – Panel Boards and Others
Material Description Unit  Amount (PhP)
Telephone Cabinet (304mm x 457mm x 127mm) Gauge #16 set            1,720.00
Telephone Cabinet (304mm x 610mm x 152mm) Gauge #16 set            1,935.00
Enclosed Air Circuit Breaker 100AF, 3P, 220V, 70AT Nema I set            1,420.00
Enclosed Air Circuit Breaker 50AF, 3P, 220V, 40AT Nema I set            1,280.00
Enclosed Air Circuit Breaker 50AF, 2P, 220V, 40AT Nema I set               595.00
Panelboard & Cabinets (Enclosed 30amp, 2pst) set            1,288.00
Panelboard & Cabinets (Enclosed 60amp, 2pst) set            1,612.00
Equipment for Fire Alarm Station (Manual) set            1,240.00
Equipment for Fire Alarm Bell (Vibrating 6″ D) set            1,300.00
Equipment for Alarm, Annunciator set            3,700.00
Equipment for Fire Alarm, Control Panel set         13,200.00
Equipment for Fire Alarm, Smoke Detector set            1,925.00

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