Visayas Concreting and Road Form Prices

Visayas – Concrete and Road Formwork Prices
Material Description Unit  Ave. Price (Php)
Hydaulic Cement bag                   274.77
Portland Cement bag                   257.43
Pozzolan Cement bag                   221.30
Ready Mix Concrete 3000psi @ 3 days cu.m.               4,678.15
Ready Mix Concrete 3000psi @ 7 days cu.m.               4,508.34
Ready Mix Concrete 3000psi @ 14 days cu.m.               4,322.89
Ready Mix Concrete 3000psi @ 28 days cu.m.               4,065.08
Ready Mix Concrete 3500psi @ 3 days cu.m.               5,096.29
Ready Mix Concrete 3500psi @ 7 days cu.m.               4,896.27
Ready Mix Concrete 3500psi @ 14 days cu.m.               4,556.45
Ready Mix Concrete 3500psi @ 28 days cu.m.               4,493.04
Ready Mix Concrete 4000psi @ 14 days cu.m.               4,896.05
Ready Mix Concrete 4000psi @ 28 days cu.m.               4,675.70
Ready Mix Concrete 4500psi @ 28 days cu.m.               4,791.44
Ready Mix Concrete 5000psi @ 28 days cu.m.               5,046.75
Curing Compound L                     88.57
Steel Forms 15cm Width ln.m.                     47.81
Steel Forms 20cm Width ln.m.                     56.74
Steel Forms 23cm Width ln.m.                     62.56
Steel Forms 25cm Width ln.m.                     66.74
Steel Forms 28cm Width ln.m.                     73.85
Steel Forms 30cm Width ln.m.                     77.37
Polyethylene Sheet (Plastic Cover) ln.m.                     51.21

These prices are calculated using cost-averaging formula. Some locations’ costs may be more expensive compared to the other. We simplified it this way for easy price updating.

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