Slope Stabilization Mesh System Prices

Slope Stabilization Mesh System
Description Unit Price (Php)
3mm Ø High Tensile Wire mesh (3.5x30mm) sq.m 6,992.00
10mm Ø Tensile Rope Anchor ln.m 1,012.00
4mm Ø High Tensile Wire Clips pc 138.00
10mm Ø Tensile Wire Rope Anchor pc 4,600.00
Anchor Bolt (32mmØ x 2.5m) pc 966.00
Threading of Bolts w/ nuts pc 1,288.00
Non-Shrink Grout bags 552.00
Centralizer pc 230.00
Drill Bit pc 18,400.00
Centrosema Seeds kgs. 294.40
Enzyme ltrs. 13.80
3D Geonet sq.m 598.00

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