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Region 8 – Doors, Windows and Hardware Prices

Region VIII
Material Description Unit  Ave. Price (Php)
Flush Hollow Core Door sqm                      871.00
Flush Type Solid  Core Door sqm                   1,701.33
Narra Paneled Door sqm                   5,200.16
Tanguile Paneled Door sqm                   2,930.12
Aluminum Glass Door sqm                   4,571.23
Glass Transom on Wood sqm                   1,650.26
Accordion Type Door sqm                   1,735.67
Varifold Type Door sqm                   1,800.33
Awning Type Steel Casement Windows sqm                   1,800.67
Swing Type Steel Casement Windows sqm                   1,831.20
Glass Jalouise Window sqm                      541.34
Fixed Glass Window on Metal Frame sqm                      450.67
Fixed Louvered Steel Window sqm                      549.13
Aluminum Casement  Window sqm                   2,520.67
Sliding Aluminum Window sqm                   3,480.67
Region VIII
Material Description Unit  Ave. Price (Php)
Anchor Bolts w/ Nuts and Washer kg                        34.00
Machine Bolts w/ Nuts and Washer kg                      100.13
Tension Rods (38mm D) lnft                        34.67
Tension Rods (16mm D) lnft                        23.13
Tension Rods (19mm D) lnft                        30.13
Turn Buckles (12.7mm D) pc                      158.67
Turn Buckles (16mm D) pc                      182.00
Turn Buckles (19mm D) pc                      234.36
W.I. Strap kg                        60.00
Hinge (50mm x 101mm) pr                        64.67
Sand Paper roll                   1,600.67
Door Locks (Schlage or Equivalent) set                   1,537.33
Automatic Door Closer (Yale or Equivalent) set                   2,700.63
Tar Paint gal                      451.00
Steel Cable kg                      121.00
Steel Grating Frame kg                        84.00

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