Glazing and Curtain Wall Prices Philippines

Average glazing works prices  in the Philippines.

Curtain Walls and Glazing Works Prices
Material Description Unit Price
8mm thk Reflective Tempered Glass Door sq.m.      33,600.00
12mm thk Frameless Glass Door sq.m.      33,000.00
12mm thk Reflective Tempered Glass Door sq.m.      37,000.00
12mm thk Clear Tempered Glass Wall sq.m.        6,700.00
Light Blue Light Reflective Tempered Glass Curtain Wall sq.m.        7,400.00
Aluminum Wall Cladding sq.m.        4,200.00
Aluminum Canopy sq.m.        4,400.00
Railing with 12mm thk Clear Tempered Glass x 0.8m H l.m.        1,008.50

All amount in Php. Accessories included and material price alone. To see all the material prices we have posted click here.

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  1. May I ask what is your unit cost for 1.2 m high glass balcony railing 12 mm thk. tempered glass on stainless.


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