Occupational Supplies Prices Philippines


Occupational Supplies Prices
Boots – Waterproof Pair     1,470.00
LED Flashlight Set        540.00
Heavy Duty Leather Gloves Pair        702.00
Safety Goggles pc        440.00
Heavy Duty Construction Hard Hat pc     1,290.00
Safety Harness set     1,780.00
Rain Coat pc        790.00
Twisted Rope set        450.00
Heavy Duty Steel Toe Shoes Pair     2,650.00
Dome Type Tent set     3,260.00
Reflector Vest pc          67.00
Duct Tape, 4″ pc        235.00
Duct Tape, 1″ pc        145.009

All prices in Php.  To see all the material prices we have posted click here.

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