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House extension is common in the Philippines as we are used with extended family. It has been our tradition to live with our parents, or perhaps visit from time to time our parents. House extension is one way to save expenses as you would not need to buy another land area and experience all that additional stress when you want to start from zero in constructing a new house.

House or room extension construction cost is also similar with the way builders do a “quick” estimates. They often just multiply base amount with the floor area (that is the house extension cost per square meter method). Oftentimes, they will give you a detailed price construction breakdown to justify that claim. If they do not give you the construction cost breakdown when you already asked them, then, find another contractor. How to determine if you are talking to the right contractor? Click here.

House / Room Extension perspective plan sample (3m x 3.2m) - philconprices

In our example, we will assume that the owner wants to have additional room only. For a room to be completed, we will need two additional columns. By adding columns, we will also add its foundation and the wall footing foundation. Take note that the construction extension cost presented here are different for double stories extensions because double floor extension would require a sturdier foundation, a suspended slab, additional girders and beams.

For simplicity, we will assume the following:

  1. There is an existing house and we will just add a room extension with toilet room inside.
  2. The natural ground line is flat and is amenable to be constructed with a “typical” concrete columns and footings.
  3. Existing house columns and beams are durable enough to be bolted with the extension’s roof framing structure. Also, the existing house’s columns will be perpendicular to the extension’s column.
  4. Additional columns to be concrete, and additional room’s wall to be a plastered concrete hollow blocks.
  5. House extension roof will have a single slanting face. See perspective picture above for visualization.
  6. This is a 3m x 3.2m house extension. As shown in the plan below.
House / Room Extension floor plan sample (3m x 3.2m) - philconprices

The extension room will have its own comfort room.

Now, we will dig deep into the technicalities so stay with us.

We will assume the dimension of the column to be 0.15m x 0.20m. With depth of 0.80m from the natural ground line. Height of the room will be 2.5m from the finish floor line. Since the foundation depth from the ground line is 0.8m and the assumed height to be 2.5m (plus 0.10 for the slab on grade), the total height of our two additional columns will be (0.8m + 0.10m + 2.5m = 3.40m) 3.40m. There will be no additional concrete roof beam, since the roof is just a single slanting plane, we will just use steel tube roof framing (please consult a professional if additional concrete roof beam is needed as steel framing has dimension limitations with respect to the thickness of steel used).

Roof framing will just be rectangular steel tube (ask a professional for the minimum thickness). Roofing sheet is advised to be like the existing roofs for uniformity. If you can find the same material and finish for the existing doors and windows, the better. Don’t know how to punchlist doors? Check our youtube shorts here.

We will put an exterior door so the occupant will have direct access outdoor and indoor. This will also serve as a quarantine room (God forbid, our world to have another pandemic). There will be four windows; three for the bed room extension and one for the toilet room. This solar lamp with powerbank has been very useful during the three months power outage in Cebu. Secure one now!

Since this is an extension, we will need to demolish a portion of the existing house for the entrance door from the extension room to the existing house. Thus, we will need to have demolition provision cost.

Below are the calculated average expenses when you want to extend your house in the Philippines.

DescriptionQTYUnitUnit CostTotal Cost (PhP)
16mm – DRB (columns and footings)9pcs4904,410.00
10mm – DRB (wall footing and stirrups)10pcs1601,600.00
Gravel Bed0.66cu.m.1,400922.60
4′ x 8′ – Plywood (formworks)1pc450450.00
8′ coco lumber11pcs90990.00
Cement (concrete works)17bags2404,080.00
Sand (concrete works)0.91cu.m.1,4001,280.30
Gravel (concrete works)1.83cu.m.1,4002,560.60
4″ Concrete Hollow Blocks264pcs143,696.00
Cement (CHB works)14cu.m.2403,272.22
Sand (CHB works)1.04cu.m.1,4001,454.32
10mm DRB (CHB & SOG works)19pcs1603,040.00
Cement (Plaster works)16bags2403,840.00
Sand (Plaster works)1.5cu.m.1,4002,100.00
miscellanous (tie wires, soil poision, etc)1lot5,054.41

DescriptionQTYUnitUnit CostTotal Cost (PhP)
Concrete Neutralizer1.04Gal650675.22
Concrete Sealer / Primer2.08Gal6501,350.44
Patching Compound2.60Gal6501,688.05
Semi-Gloss (2 coats)4.16Gal6502,700.88
Total >>>7,697.51
DescriptionQTYUnitUnit CostTotal Cost (PhP)
30cm x 30cm Tiles95pcs454,275.00
20cm x 20cm Tiles (CR and Wall tiles @ 1.5m Height)168pcs305,040.00
Tile Grout2bags4080.00
Tile Adhesive2.15bags260557.70
Total >>>13,729.51
DescriptionQTYUnitUnit CostTotal Cost (PhP)
Door (Exterior Rear)1pc6,0006,000.00
Door (Toilet Room)1pc3,0003,000.00
Aluminum Window 0.5m x 0.5m (Comfort Room)1pc2,0002,000.00
Aluminum Window 1.2 x 0.5m2pcs3,0006,000.00
Aluminum Window 1.2m x 1.2m1pc4,0004,000.00
Total >>>21,000.00
DescriptionQTYUnitUnit CostTotal Cost (PhP)
1/2″ Fiber Cement Board – 4’x8′7pcs9506,650.00
Metal Studs / Double Furring22pcs952,090.00
Wall Angle 9pcs42378.00
Total >>>12,314.81
DescriptionQTYUnitUnit CostTotal Cost (PhP)
Jointing Mesh1roll120120.00
Primer Paint1Gal650650.00
Patching/Jointing Compound1Gal650650.00
Semi-Gloss (2 coats)2Gal6501,300.00
Total >>>3,808.00
DescriptionQTYUnitUnit CostTotal Cost (PhP)
2″ x 4″ Rectangular Tube3pcs1,2003,600.00
2″ x 3″ C-Purlins6pcs9005,400.00
A-325 Anchor Bolts8pcs3502,800.00
Roofing Shingles (including flashing and gutters)19sq.m.95017,347.00
Red lead/Rust Converter1L500500.00
Total >>>35,576.40
DescriptionQTYUnitUnit CostTotal Cost (PhP)
Lighting (interior and exterior)4units3501,400.00
Receptacles, Outlets, Switches1lot3,5003,500.00
Conduits and Wirings1lot4,5004,500.00
Total >>>10,810.00
DescriptionQTYUnitUnit CostTotal Cost (PhP)
Floor Drain1unit300300.00
Water Closet1set4,0004,000.00
Water Lines and Other Fixtures1lot1,5001,500.00
Sanitary and Waste Line1lot1,5001,500.00
Total >>>9,545.00
DescriptionQTYUnitUnit CostTotal Cost (PhP)
Demolition (Door size, access to existing house)1lot1,5001,500.00
All in all, the would be PhP 155,872.42 for the materials alone. Assumed completion date would be 30 days and we reckon the labor cost including tools would be PhP 75,000.00. Thus, the grand total would be PhP 230,872.42.

We’ve added the materials breakdown so you can just change our assumed unit cost (based in your local construction prices) so you can get an amount that is closer to reality.

We won’t be giving the structural details plan so there is a need for you go to your nearest professional. Some contractors would say that P25,000 per sq.m. construction cost in the Philippines is just bare finish. But it is not always the case. Afterall, it still depends in the market condition. With the right contractor (provided that you got the one with the best value for money), you can construct a decent house with that base factor (but don’t expect it to be excessively beautiful). On the other hand, expect to shell out around P30,000+ per square-meter in the urban areas.

For this room extension cost guide to be of further help, here are the things to watch out for if you want to do house extension renovations in the future. Click here if you want to find way on how to reduce house construction cost.

  1. Be sure that there is no important underground tank beneath the extension room like septic tanks, rainwater tank or grease traps. It would be a difficult and expensive if you have already developed/renovated it just to find out you need to do maintenance works on these tanks.
  2. Be sure that the room extension is still within your property. There are setbacks that need to be followed. Ask a professional about it.
  3. Be sure to properly seal roofing connections between the existing house and extension house. Since water will always find its way through tiny cracks and holes. Do necessary roof leak test before proceeding with the ceiling works.
  4. New roof’s gutter will be properly tapped gutter to catch basin or area drain to prevent flooding.
  5. There are no existing ground line embedment that may clash with the new sanitary and waste line. Seek advise to Master Plumbers or Sanitary Engineers as they can give you proper solutions in case there are.

To get a more accurate estimate, please consider consulting your trusted architects or contractors. They can give you all the help that you need including ocular inspection, specific offset requirements and detailed cost estimate based on your circumstance and location. Also, please do not argue with your chosen architect or builder if our computation is not close with theirs as they know better your local markets. IF they have proven good track records, please, believe them.

Keep in mind that you may need to obtain local planning permission and building permits especially for urban areas and you will not get pass through it if you would not hire a professional. It is essential to include these additional expenses when budgeting when extending your house.

Lastly, it is worth noting that house extension construction cost will always be influenced by the local market conditions, labor costs, availability of materials including the delivery costs and these prices vary per regions. It is always a good idea to gather multiple quotes from different reputable contractors, do due diligence and research thoroughly. Please, hire a professional.

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