Price Guide to Adding Electrical Outlets and Circuit Breakers in the Philippines

For some reason, you may want to add fixed outlets in a certain location for you home. Say, you extended your home with additional bed room or, you may be a condo owner and you want to put outlets on that part of the wall. Below are the actual materials and costs we spent when we added additional fixed outlets in our condo unit.

Additional Fixed Wirings and Outlets Materials

We would like to add four outlets. Two sets for the workstation and two sets for the kitchen. Both were provided with a circuit breaker since the we are still undecided on where is the kitchen or the workstation on the two locations. Three outlets were inside the unit and one is in the terrace.

It is advisable to ask a professional on the capacity of the circuit breaker you’ll purchase since it depends on the appliances that it will cover.

The electrician we chose is experienced and professional. He did several projects with a Professional Electrical Engineer. We agreed on a fix rate of P400 per outlet and P400 per breaker. Meaning, for the four outlets and two circuit breakers, we incurred P2,400 on the labor cost. They provided all the power tools and the stairs needed to elevate themselves. They completed the work in around four hours.

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Our condo unit has a total area of 24 sq.m. with dimensions of approximately 7.4m x 3.25m. Tiny one room it is. If you have larger room or house extension, you may need additional wires and/or molding.

Below is the breakdown of the materials and its corresponding costs as of December 2021. All based on mall price. (Price may vary per location, please check with your own local prices).

DescriptionQuantityCost per UnitTotal Cost (PhP)
PVC Moulding ¾”4 Lengths42.75141.00
Switch Box4 pcs49.75199.00
3 gang outlet,3 prong series4 sets199.75799.00
Circuit Breaker (30 Amp) Plug-in2 pcs400.00800.00
3.5mm THHN (Phelp Dodge)25 l.m.61.00 1,525.00
Masonry Drill Bit 1/8“1 pc49.0049.00
Weatherproof Outlet Cover1 pc190.00190.00
Electrical Tape – 3m Big Size1 pc56.0056.00
100 pcs Blind Rivets 1/8 x 1/21 box79.7579.57
Grand Total3,838.57

We opt to put the wirings outside the wall and just cover it with PVC molding so the work will be faster and to prevent dust, debris and concrete chips. We have already occupied the space and there are appliances and furniture.

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For those who want their additional outlets embedded inside the wall, you may need to pay additional concrete chipping tools and payment. You need additional cement for plastering works and painting materials for the painting works. You also would need PVC conduit, instead of molding, for your wires to be safe and secured beneath the wall. All which are not included on this post.

To summarize, the total amount we spend for the additional outlets were:

Materials: 3,838.57

Labor: P2,400.00

Total: 6,238.57

The output was good and we are satisfied. If you are sure that the electrician you are eyeing is knowledgeable and with a good track record, then you’re in safe hands, regardless the cost. Always get a professional advise if in doubt. You can never go wrong hiring one.

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