CAR – Metal Works Materials Prices

Common materials prices for truss works, steel-stairs and everything related to Metal Works for Cordillera Administrative Region. It also comes with corresponding prices of common hardware for steel works.

The price listed here are for pick-up prices only. Delivery costs, VAT and other extra charges are excluded.


Milled Steel Plates Checked FY36kg42.08
Milled Steel Plates FY36 kg 44.02
Steel Sheet Stainless kg 139.17
Bridge Rollers and Rockerspc4,465.30
Pins and Pin Holes FY60 kg 73.43
Sliding Bearing kg 4,890.37
Structural Steel Angular Bar (A36) kg 47.77
Structural Steel Channel Bar (A36) kg 47.77
Structural Steel Square Bar (A36) kg 47.77
Structural Steel I-Beam (A36) kg 52.06
Strutural Steel Wide Flange (A36) kg 52.06
Rivets High Tension kg 146.96
Washers High Tension kg 146.96
Cork Expansion Joint Filler (.019m x 1.2m x 2.44m)pc644.65
Bolts High Tension kg 148.55


Anchor Bolts w/ Nuts and Washerkg34.89
Machine Bolts w/ Nuts and Washerkg103.30
Tension Rods (38mm D)ln.ft.36.05
Tension Rods (16mm D)ln.ft. 20.52
Tension Rods (19mm D)ln.ft. 25.89
Turn Buckles (12.7mm D)pc158.74
Turn Buckles (16mm D)pc184.88
Turn Buckles (19mm D)pc230.68
W.I. Strapkg57.71
Hinge (50mm x 101mm)pr62.61
Door Locks (Schlage or Equivalent) set1,452.54
Automatic Door Closer (Yale or Equivalent)set2,506.46
Steel Cablekg118.81
Steel Grating Framekg84.22

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