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A lot of people were asking how much is the average construction cost of a house and we see that the internet does not give exact answer to this concern. If you are one of the non-technical person who wants bulls eye answer, then you are reading the right article.

The sample floor plan below comes with its own simplified Bill of Quantity. Check this average construction cost of 2-story house too! But if you are looking for a garage construction estimate alone, This one is the right guide for you.

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HOUSE 4-page-001
Sample Floor Plan
Description % Total  Total Cost
Excavation & Embankment including Gravel Fill 6.93%              86,978.28
Structural Works
Structural Concrete (class A, 28 days) 19.93%           250,203.44
Reinforcing Bars 14.15%           177,668.24
Formworks and Falseworks 6.49%              81,450.71
Architectural Works
Cost of Ceiling – Fiber Cement Board 4.02%              50,506.60
Wooden Door (Flush and Solid Panel) 2.66%              33,436.31
Aluminum Glass Window (Awning and Fixed) 4.12%              51,751.60
Water Proofing, Cement Base 0.09%                1,138.37
Glazed Tiles and Trim 3.36%              42,187.80
Unglazed Tiles 0.66%                8,264.51
Cement Plaster Finish 2.64%              33,189.70
Masonry Works (including reinforcing steel) 6.58%              82,577.76
Interior and Exterior Painting Works 5.75%              72,145.15
Structural  Steel (for Truss Works) 5.79%              72,631.78
Roofing Works (Around 124 sq.m.) 7.25%              91,046.59
Sanitary and Plumbing Works
Sewer Line Works 1.09%              13,733.08
Plumbing Fixtures 2.24%              28,068.08
Cold Water Lines 0.66%                8,239.08
Storm Drainage and downspout 0.67%                8,451.14
Electrical Works
Conduits,Boxes & Fittings 0.87%              10,868.08
Wires and Wiring Devices 1.85%              23,196.84
Panel Board with Main & Branch Breakers 0.50%                6,310.80
Lighting Fixtures  and Lamps 1.70%              21,289.04
>>> Grand Total 100.00%        1,255,332.98

The prices comes with its corresponding labor and equipment costs. The materials used are for medium-cost house construction. The average  timeline for this type of house is around 4-6 months.

See this post if you are looking for the average cost of construction your own septic tank. Planning on getting a residential lot instead? These tips helped a lot of people. Also, this post helped people understand basic steps to slab-on-grade construction.

If in doubt, it would still be advisable to hire a professional engineer or architect to look over your house construction.

To see all the material prices we have posted click here.

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17 thoughts on “Average House Construction Cost Philippines”

  1. hello, I am interested to know how much more it would cost for a 3rd bedroom to be added to the 2 bedroom house. Also, does the buyer have any say on what kind of finishes are used?

      • I have an 800 sqm lot on the side/top of a hill, the angle is about 30 degrees, I would like to build a 3 story split level house with an underground Celler. The sqm of each story would be around 80-100. What would a rough estimate be to build this please.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong. Is the floor area around 82 square meters? And the total amount is only the house itself, perimeter fence and gate not included?

  3. How about the estimated cost for a 4 units of 1-bedroom apartment (2 units – Ground Floor and 2 units – Second Floor) 30 sqm per Unit? Thanks

    • Hi Sir Manuel, the title is “Average House Construction Cost Philippines” and wasn’t changed since the day we posted it. It’s pretty unlikely that in your gadget it says other things. May we know what is the title on your browser?

    • Hi Melissa, the prices above comes with its labor and equipment cost. We are finding ways to simplify the manpower loading. Project duration for this construction is around 4-6 months depending on how skillful the hired laborers are. Thank you!


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