RCP and RMC Price List in the Philippines

Prices updated as of the year 2019.

Reinforced Concrete Pipe Prices
RCP 1500mm x 1m pc          7,131.10
RCP 1370mm x 1m pc          5,872.61
RCP 1200mm x 1m pc          4,725.21
RCP 1050mm x 1m pc          3,729.37
RCP 910mm x 1m pc          2,876.10
RCP 750mm x 1m pc          2,209.46
RCP 600mm x 1m pc          1,467.63
RCP 450mm x 1m pc          1,009.93
RCP 375mm x 1m pc              758.23
RCP 300mm x 1m pc              639.50
Ready Mixed Concrete Prices
RMC 3000psi – 28 Days cu.m          4,543.96
RMC 3000psi – 14 Days cu.m          4,843.43
RMC 3000psi – 7 Days cu.m          5,066.85
RMC 3500psi – 28 Days cu.m          4,858.83
RMC 3500psi – 14 Days cu.m          5,090.93
RMC 3500psi – 7 Days cu.m          5,403.86
RMC 4000psi – 28 Days cu.m          5,178.54
RMC 4000psi – 14 Days cu.m          5,464.10
RMC 5000psi – 28 Days cu.m          5,690.44

These are just average prices. All amount in Php. Normally, RMC and RCP suppliers give clients huge discounts (10-20% off) if bought in bulk. I am listing down all suppliers list and hope to share them here in a bit. VAT Exclusive.

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