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NCR – Painting Materials Prices

Average construction painting materials prices for National Capital Region 3rd Quarter of 2018.

Painting Materials
National Capital Region – (3rd Quarter of 2018)
Material Description Unit  Ave. Price (Php)
Paint Tinting Color L                         50.00
Paint Aluminum Gal                       575.00
Paint Enamel Gal                       591.67
Paint Latex Gloss Gal                       566.00
Paint Latex Semi-Gloss Gal                       565.00
Paint Red Lead Gal                       387.00
Thinner Paint Gal                       285.00
Thinner Lacquer Gal                       222.50
Paint Metal Epoxy Gal                       670.00
Paint Primer Solvent Gal                       520.00
Brush Paint – 2″ Pc                         35.00
Brush Paint – 3″ Pc                         50.00
Brush Paint – 4″ Pc                         65.00
Brush Roller #9 with Tray Pc                       155.00
Steel Brush – 4″ Pc                         82.00
Oil Paint L                         90.00
Lacquer Putty Kg                       160.00
Sand Paper #120 Dozen                       125.00
Spar Varnish L                       124.00

All amount in Php. To see all the material prices we have posted click here.

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